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I’m back!!!

Sorry for being absent for so long but I have not written much the last few months or so. I have a couple things to post on here now though and will try to pick up updating the site again. Hope you guys are still reading and thanks for being patient.

On a lighter note, I have been nominated in the Double Rainbow fanfiction awards in a few categories. You can check them out at this site believe this post. Nominate your favorites. Thanks everybody for sticking with me 🙂 http://


It’s Been A While….

First let me apologize for neglecting this site. I have not really been writing a whole lot but tonight I posted a TON of “new” material, well new to this site anyway.

Finding Littrell, Prisoner, The Way Things Were, and Before He Cheats are among the new stories posted here on the site. I will try to get the Nick and Amanda series up to date as well as blogging a bit more. Thanks to anybody who is reading. Please let me know what you think 🙂

Thank you

Thanks to anyone that voted for me in Rose’s Double Rainbow awards. I didn’t win any of them but I appreciate the thought. I am glad some of the people I voted for won.

Sorry I haven’t had any inspiration to write lately, work has been insane and I am preparing for next month which will be busy for me as well. I hope that you all stick with me.

Have a good day!


Hey guys just to let you know….I have added my new story In A World Like This to the site. I have also updated it to Chapter 9 today.

Since the review function is not avaolable on AC, feel free to contact me here or email if you like. On that note hope you are all enjoying the site and thanks for taking the time to read here!

It’s so bright and vivid!!!

Hello Readers. Sorry I have not been as active but I promise I will finish posting some things here soon. On another note, I have been nominated in the Double Rainbow awards and just wanted to say thanks for the nominations!!!! Please nominate anyone you’d like in the awards and have fun. Here is the link :


Okay, so I have posted my review of the package tour here on the site. I just hope people don’t think i am trying to knock new kids or anything….it is less than glowing insight to the after party.

I would just like to say that if you are able to see the show….definitely give it a chance because the whole show is a fun time 🙂 i just wanted to share my experience with all of you.

Whoa stop the presses….

Yes, you saw right. I just posted a new chapter of Weird World after being on a hiatus from it since last year. Hope you guys enjoy and are still reading. thanks for taking time to stop by this site as well, we are almost at 2,000 views and it makes me very happy to know that someone is enjoying my work 🙂

Thanks again!!!