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Chapter One


“I am telling you this girl is magic. You need to try it.”

Lauren raised an eyebrow at the phone call Nick was having, he seemed very excited about whatever it was.

“Who’s magic?” she asked when he finished, batting her eyelashes.

Nick seemed to be taking a while to think. Lauren didn’t like when he did that, it meant trouble. Lauren enjoyed telling him what she thought was best for him in his life and it had started with his weight. When they moved in together, bye bye went the Twinkies and every other bit of junk food in the house. She didn’t even stop at that. For his last birthday they didn’t even have cake, as Nick called it. He called it cardboard.

Lauren laughed when he d said that, there was nothing wrong with vegan desserts. They took out all the fat and sugar or “all the fun” as Nick said.

“The magician AJ wants to get….for Ava’s birthday.” he said quickly, leaving the room.

Lauren wasn’t buying it.

As a few weeks went by she grew suspicious he might be cheating, Nick was acting funny and kept lying about what he was doing when she wasn’t home. It got to the point she had a bug put in their living room. She listened to the recording with her friend Justin, trying to catch Nick in the act.

“Oh, god yes. Come to papa. Thank you Katie. You’re the best. How much do I owe you?” Justin set the dog down.

“He’s paying some girl for whatever it is they are doing…..he’s cheating on you.”

Lauren switched the recordings off after she heard Nick moan with pleasure, crossing her arms. No, she wanted more evidence.

“I want to catch him in the act. Embarass him.” she smiled. Nick would think long and hard about what he had done once they had video evidence.

Lauren was getting ready to go to the gym and Nick was busy playing Xbox while Nacho lay in his lap, fully engrossed in his game.

“You coming with me, babe?” she asked. Nick paused and looked up, she could practically see the gears turning.

“Nah, I am just gonna go jogging with Nacho when I’m done. You go ahead.” he smiled, wavimg her off. He turned the game back on, acting like nothing had happened.

Lauren shook her head as she went outside, rolling her eyes.

“Jogging my ass.”

Lauren left the driveway and parked a street down, waiting. An hour passed and she was just thinking about going back to apologize when she decided to just surprise him. Nick wouldn’t cheat on her, would he? He’d been faithful so far, but she knew he had done it before.

Would he be so stupid?

She raced right home but as she got to the street they lived on, she saw a strange car pulling out of the driveway. A car she didn’t recognize.

It was war.


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