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Chapter One


“Happiness is the richest thing you’ll ever own.” – Donald Duck

I sat in my office, talking to my wife for the second time today. Hard to believe how things had changed, but here I am….a married man with a family.

“Yeah honey, I am leaving the studio now. I’ll definitely be home for supper. You know I never miss a meal.” I said, chuckling as I went over some sketches I had been working on for the latest movie I was doing. I wasn’t doing a whole lot of drawing these days, since Disney was now producing more and more computer animation….but I was thankful for having my job as a storyboard artist. I smiled at the picture of my family on my desk….Cinderella Castle providing our backdrop during Andrew’s last birthday.

Disney was still a big part of the Carter household, being that I worked on their movies…but also because my sons seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. I grabbed a soda on my way out to the car, waving hello to the receptionist as I went.

Pixar was my home away from home for about two years now, I had taken the job when it was offered. It was more money and on the plus side, Laura and I got our own house in Orlando, about a half hour from work. Things were definitely looking up for us although there was talk of another baby floating around.

I am definitely content with our two little monsters right now, thank you very much.

Peter is about to turn ten and he is doing well in school. Andrew is my rambunctious younger son, he loves making me pictures and coloring…Laura keeps saying he will grow up to be a great artist like Daddy. On my way home I stopped to get a shake, but no food..I was looking forward to having dinner with my family.


That was something I had wanted so much growing up, I was about Peter’s age when my parents passed away. Things were so much easier to deal with now after going to therapy at Laura’s insistence. I was glad for her, in a way she knew just what I needed. She completed me.

“Hi, sweetie.” she said as I walked into the kitchen. It smelled like my mom’s used to….and I took a big whiff until I smelled something rank.

“Pluto!!!!” I yelled, disgusted by the present my dog had so graciously left in the doorway. The dog looked at me and wagged his tail, the jerk. He does this stuff on purpose.

“Don’t pull that cute look on me.”

“I see he left you another gift?” Laura said, grinning. I cleaned up the mess and washed my hands before kissing my wife.

“That he did. Anything interesting happen while I was at work?”

Laura mostly takes care of things around the house. I told her she could work if she wanted but she likes spending more time with me and tne kids.

“Brian called for you before.”

Brian was supposed to be grading papers, so I didn’t think he’d want to hang out or anything. He’s a teacher and has been busy lately.

I figured whatever it was could wait after dinner.

Dinner time at the Carter house was a circus sometimes, getting Andy and Pete to sit still. It has gotten better since they’re a bit older but at least they eat their vegetables.

When they aren’t trying to feed their carrots to the dog.

“I saw that.” I remarked, as a hand flew back under the table and my oldest son giggled.

“How did you see that, Daddy?” he asked innocently, his eyes twinkling. He reminds me so much of myself that you’d swear he was cloned. That would be pretty cool.

“Cause Daddy has superpowers.” Laura smiled, bringing out dessert. I felt my phone vibrate and it was a text from Brian.

Call me…

I put my phone away and once again figured it could wait. I helped clean up and put the dishes away while the kids watched TV, although it was almost bedtime. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to let them watch Peter Pan at least one time.

“Daddy, is it true you tried to fly like Peter Pan?” Peter asked me suddenly. I smirked, putting the last plate away.

“I see Uncle Kevin told you a story, huh?”

I chuckled and opened my mouth to say something but there was a knock on the front door. It was late, we usually didn’t get visitors past eight. Pluto barked as the knocks became pounding.

Who could that be?


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