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Chapter Three


“One girl is worth ten boys put together.” – Jane (Return To Neverland)

Bliss. I was in bliss, Laura and I had finally gotten some alone time, being that Kevin was watching the kids and I had whisked my wife away for the weekend.

I don’t need to go into any more details, pretty sure you can all figure out what we were doing…but the point of this is that right when I was about to get laid for the first time in a month….Brian called me.

“Can’t it wait?” Laura asked.

“It might be important.” I reasoned. She kissed my chest and I picked up the phone, composing myself.


“You need to come down to the hospital.” Brian said. It sounded like he was running.

“What’s going on?”

April was due in two weeks, so I was a bit worried as Brian’s phone cut out and hung up on its own.

Next thing I knew I was in my car with her heading down to the hospital, sick with worry. I thought back to when Brian and I were in that car accident, I always hated hospitals.

Brian met us by the waiting room looking scared to death.

“April went into labor. I can’t do this, Nick. I can’t….” he said softly as Laura came up behind me. I grabbed his shoulders, looking him in the eye….our blue eyes locking.


He nodded and we went towards the delivery room….Brian went inside and I waited with Laura, she held my hand.

“All we can do is wait, baby.” she whispered, kissing my cheek gently.

I remember when Peter was born…when I was a bit younger. I’m not old, thank you very much. When Laura told me she was pregnant, it was while I was still in therapy. She had suggested I go because I was still dealing with the death of my parents….and although she didn’t mind the Disney stuff, she wanted me to figure things out for myself.

I found out so much stuff. Like the reason I latched onto Disney was because my subconscious wanted to remain a ten year old boy, who still had happy memories with his family. That little boy inside my head didn’t want to grow up….like Peter Pan. He was afraid, just like Brian is right now. Having a baby is a big part of being an adult , at least I feel that way. I was scared too, I wanted to run out of that delivery room….but when I heard that baby cry, it was the best sound I’d ever heard.

“Look at your son, Nick. What will we name him?” Laura asked some time later. I held my son, wrapped in a blue blanket. He looked like me.

“Peter. I want to name him Peter.”

“Honey, after Peter Pan? Why?” Laura asked.

“Because it’s time to grow up.” I answered, smiling at her. That was why I chose Andrew for my second son. In Toy Story, Woody and Buzz eventually had to let Andy grow up too.

It was now Brian’s turn.

We waited patiently in our chairs, and I was feeling drowsy when Brian came walking up to us, his face white.

“You all right?”

“April had the baby…’s a little girl.” he whispered. I walked over and put my arms around my brother, hugging him as he buried his head into my shoulder.

He didn’t cry, but hugged me back.

Laura visited April while Brian and I watched the baby getting put in the nursery….I looked up and saw him smiling at me.

“April let me choose her name.” he said.

“You’re not gonna name her Aurora or something, are you?” I laughed.

“Brittany Leigh.” he told me, shaking his head.

“It has a nice ring to it. Brittany Leigh Littrell.”

“That it does, Uncle Nick.” he laughed. I stood there, watching Brittany in the baby blanket and I smiled…I was going to be someone’s uncle. I put my arm around Brian and hugged him again.

“I’m proud of you, Woody.”

“Thanks, Buzz.”

We turned to go meet up with our wives….a chapter of our lives was just beginning.


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