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Chapter 2


“We are definitley not in Florida anymore.” Nick muttered as he walked out of the crumpled bus. Every color of the rainbow jumped at him…there were several small houses standing nearby. Tyke trotted after him, sniffing.

“What the fuck?” Nick whispered, rubbing the back of his head as he walked.

“How hard did I hit my head?” he asked out loud, walking. There was a street made of yellow bricks underneath him and a small village. The house were very small, too small for Nick to fit inside. As he walked he felt as if someone were watching him but shook it away. He turned around and saw a pink bubble floating nearby.

“Pink bubbles. I HAVE to be dreaming.” Nick said, rubbing his head again. Suddenly there was a blonde woman standing there dressed in a big, frilly and extremely tacky looking dress covered in glitter. Tyke began barking and growling. The woman shook away the bubble and nearly tripped over the long scarf around her neck.

“What the hell?” Nick asked in awe, he was sure he would be asking himself this question a lot today.

“Are you a good witch or a bad witch?” the woman asked.

“Excuse me?”

“Well, are you a good witch or a bad witch?” she repeated, waving her scarf at him. Nick looked around and back at her.

“I’m not a witch, I’m Nick Carter…I resign in Florida.”

“Is that the witch?” the woman asked, pointing at Tyke.

“No, he’s a dog. Where am I?” Nick asked. Wow this lady is an airhead, he thought.

“I’m a bit lost, the Munchkins told me you dropped a bus on Mandy, the Witch of the West.”

“What? I didn’t drop the bus.” Nick protested.

“Here’s the bus, and here you are…so are you a good witch or a bad witch?” the woman said.

“I told you lady, I can’t be a witch. I’m a guy. And besides, witches are ugly.” Nick said, laughing. He suddenly heard high pitched giggling nearby.

“What was that?” he asked.

“Those are the Munchkins. They’re laughing because I am a witch. I’m Leighanne, the Witch of the North.”

“Oh. Well where am I?” Nick said, not really caring who she was. All he knew is that he wanted to get back home, he was sure the guys would wonder where he went, not to mention that they were probably wondering about where the bus had gone.

“This is Oz. The Munchkins are happy because you have freed them from the witch..” Leighanne said. People started coming out of the houses. Short people, Nick thought….midgets. He suddenly felt very tall.

“But I didn’t kill anybody.” Nick protested, hoping he wouldn’t get sued for dropping a bus on someone. He looked at the bus, a pair of red Converse sneakers stuck out from underneath the tire. What a way to go, he thought.

“How do I get back to Florida?” Nick asked, after everyone had told him what a hero he was.

“You can’t go back the way you came.” Leighanne said, adjusting her scarf again. The Munchkins were all wearing orange shirts with her picture on them. “Well duh.” Nick muttered.

“You have to see the Wizard.” one of the Munchkins said suddenly.

“The wizard?”

“The great and powerful Jizzle of Oz can help you get home. He lives in the Emerald City….its pretty far away.” Leighanne said. Nick wasn’t sure if he wanted to go and see a wizard, but he wanted to get back to the guys.

How do you get there?” Nick asked. This day just kept getting weirder and weirder, and his head hurt him.

“The yellow brick road-” someone started…but a large pink cloud of smoke interrupted them. Nick jumped, a skinny girl had appeared. She had a bedazzled broomstick and her face looked like she had been run over by a bus too. She walked over to the bus and then up to Nick…looking him over.

“Who killed her? Who killed the witch of the East? It was you, wasn’t it?” she demanded.

“Like hell it was. I didn’t kill anybody!”

“Did you forget the sneakers?” Leighanne asked, smirking. The witch smiled and walked over to the bus, reaching for the sneakers…but they vanished.

“WHERE ARE THEY?” the witch demanded, her blonde hair in her face.

“Who is she?” Nick asked. Tyke was growling, he didn’t like her at all.

“That’s Paris. She’s the witch of the West…she is worse than the other one.”

“Give me those sneakers!” Paris shouted. Leighanne pointed her wand at Nick’s feet…He looked down and saw he was wearing the shoes.

“Now why in the name of Howie did you do that?” Nick whined.

“They are on him now….and they won’t come off. Now leave before a bus falls on you too.” Leighanne said, smiling. Paris disappeared in another cloud of smoke. Leighanne kissed Nick on the forehead.

“The magic must be great or she wouldn’t want them. You need to find the Wizard, because as long as the sneakers are on you, the more that witch will want you.” she told him.

“Well its your fault, you put them on me.” Nick said, scowling.

“Can’t prove it by me. Now follow the yellow brick road and you will find Emerald City. Its a long journey…but The Jizzle will help you.”

“Jizzle? What kind of retarded name is that?” Nick wondered, but the bubble had appeared again and floated away.

“Well, Tyke…its you and me now…” Nick said as they began walking down the road, not sure where it would take them or who they would meet next.


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