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Chapter 7


“So we have to go to the castle where that witch lives? Ay dios…” the Lion said before launching off into a string of Spanish curse words that Nick didn’t understand.

“Why didn’t I learn Spanish when I was in Spain?” he asked aloud. The forest was getting foggy and dark…the trees were bare.

“You don’t think there are ghosts in here, do you?” the scarecrow asked. The crow had returned, perched firmly on his head as he swatted at it.


“Yeah we get it there aren’t any.” Nick snapped, ignoring the Tin Man completely and rolling his eyes. The trip to Emerald City had been uneventful, besides getting really cool dark sunglasses from the gate keeper and meeting the “Jizzle”. He had told them to bring him the broomstick from the wicked witch of the west, Paris. After a while of whining and fighting with the Lion, they had set off into the forest looking for Paris’s castle. They came across a sign halfway through.

“I would turn back if I were you! Okay…come on you guys…” the Lion said shakily in his high pitched voice, his eye twitching again.

“Shut up you scaredy cat.” Nick muttered, but he was a bit afraid himself…the witch was out to get him after all….she wanted his sneakers. They continued through the darkening forest, looking around cautiously.

Paris watched the four of them through her crystal ball and cackled. She turned to what looked like a group of teenage girls…but they were part monkey and had wings on their backs.

“Do what you want with the rest of them but being me that Nick and his dog….I want him unharmed. Take extra care with the sneakers. Go! Go and get him!” she shouted as they flew out of the window and into the sky.


“OMG there he is!!”

“What the fuck?” Nick said, turning around to see the girls running after him. His eyes went wide as one of them grabbed the Scarecrow and tore him apart. Another picked up the tin man…he didn’t move as he was lifted in the air…he remained stationary. Nick was running, running as fast as he could, but three of them caught hold of him at once and grabbed at him, fighting over him.

“He’s mine! I saw him first…”

“Let go! I’m taking him!”

“I think I prefer our rabid fans to these things…” Nick mumbled as the strongest one picked him up and carried him off. He was brought to the witch’s castle not far away. It looked like Barbie’s Malibu dream house…everything was covered in pink and sequins or glitter.

“Somebody’s house needs a makeover. I wouldn’t be caught dead living in here.” Nick said as he waited in the main room. The witch walked in and Tyke growled menacingly.

“What a nice little dog…” she said, kicking him. She picked him up as he growled and snapped at her.

“Put him down…he’s not even my damn dog!” Nick protested. Paris put the dog into a basket and handed him to one of the monkey-girls.

“How nice to see you again, my Nicky.”

“What are you going to do with him Give him back!” Nick asked. He knew Brian would have a fit if anything happened to Tyke.

“All in good time.”

“What the fuck is your problem?” Nick asked. He was really starting to wonder how he got himself in these situations.

“Give me the sneakers and you can have him back.”

“That Leighanne chick told me not to.”

“Take this and drown it.”

“Take the goddamn shoes then if they are so important to you.” Nick snapped at her. Paris walked over but as she got near the shoes she was shocked by the electricity.

“What the hell? I didn’t do it!” Nick said as she screamed in pain.

“i should have known that they wouldn’t come off of you. No matter. Those shoes won’t come off as long as you are alive…but we can fix that.” the witch said. As she said this, Tyke managed to knock the basket over and escape.

“Run Tyke, run!!!!” Nick screamed. Tyke made it out of the castle and Nick grinned at the witch, who was furious.

“Damn you and your dog. You’re nothing but trouble…but like I said one way or another I will have those shoes.” the witch cackled. Nick backed away from her as she brought out a large hourglass filled with pink sand.

“This is how long you have to live…”

“Yeah right.” Nick said, sitting down on the stairs.

“When this goes empty those shoes will be mine and i won’t be bothered by you anymore. Enjoy your life, Nicky…it won’t last much longer.” Paris laughed before she walked out. Nick looked at the hourglass as the sand drained out of it…wondering what would happen now…wondering if he would ever get home.


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