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Chapter 3


“What the hell is going on?” Nick asked himself as he stared at his new reflection. He was much taller than when he had gone to sleep. Nick calmed down a bit and went into the bathroom stall. He held open his pants and blinked in shock at the bulge in his underwear. Everything had grown…..everything. This was not his body….he hated it.

“That…that’s not mine.” he stammered, looking down at himself. This body wasn’t his, he never felt so awkward in his whole life. He saw a six pack stomach….defined abs…he ran his hand over his stomach and felt sick. All he could remember was drinking with AJ even though Kevin had said not to.

“Nicky?” one of the guys was in the bathroom calling his name.

“Nick’s not here.”

“Nick…come on. Act like an adult….you’re 30.” Brian said as Nick saw his feet in front of the door.

“30? I am not 30!” Nick protested, his eyes swimming with tears again. He heard more footsteps and two more pairs of feet stood in front of the bathroom stall.

“Nicky…. Stop messing around. You’re 30, buddy. You just had a birthday…” Howie replied. Nick shook his head, starting to cry again.

“Where’s Kevin?” he sniffed. Brian and Howie exchanged looks.

“Nick, Kevin isn’t with us. What’s wrong with you….what happened? Talk to me.” Brian said with concern.

“I want my mom.”

“Wow, he really must be upset if he wants HER.” AJ whispered as Howie and Brian looked confused.

“Nick, tell us what’s wrong.”

“I’M OLD!” he wailed.

“Come out of there and we will finish rehearsal or take a break if you like.” Brian offered. The bathroom door opened and Nick emerged, wiping his eyes.

“I want to talk to Kevin…”

“That’s not gonna happen anytime soon…Kevin isn’t here. He isn’t with us anymore. Don’t you realize that? You should know he won’t come back.” Howie said angrily. Nick looked around at the three of them, feeling more confused than ever.

“Kevin will come back one day…” AJ started, but Brian nudged him with his elbow.

“Someone tell me what is going on here. Is all of this a joke?” Nick asked. AJ made a circling motion near his head and Brian hit him again.

“Nobody is messing with you, Kaos. Maybe you are just tired. Are you hungry?” Brian asked in a fatherly sort of way. Nick felt a bit better but still had no idea how he ended up this way or if he would ever change back.

“Yeah, kind of.” Nick replied, looking at his feet.

“Let’s go get some food.” Brian suggested, putting an arm around Nick’s shoulders. He didn’t talk to the other guys the whole way to a nearby Mc Donald’s…but when it came time to order he got a lot of food, a whole tray full.

“You gonna eat all that? I thought you and Lauren were on a sushi kick right now.” AJ teased, laughing.

“Sushi is nasty.” Nick said, making a face. More weird looks from the others.

“That was all you talked about last week.” Brian pointed out.

“I just don’t eat anything that’s not cooked….and who is Lauren?” Nick asked, ignoring the comments and stuffing a cheeseburger into his mouth. The others watched him with concern as he ate continuously without stopping.

“Your girlfriend….the one you have been with for a year….dude she was with you last night.” AJ pointed out. Nick thought about the woman who had been in his room.

“Oh…the naked girl.” he said softly. Brian almost choked on his milk shake and AJ snickered.

“Seriously, are you all right? I haven’t seen you eat so much since before you lost all that weight.” Howie asked. Nick chugged the last of his soda and let out a large belch.

“Weight loss? I don’t know what you’re talking about…” he said. All he knew was that he wanted to talk to Kevin and sort things out….there had to be an explanation for everything.


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