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Chapter 8


Nick overheard Brian and Kevin talking and just walked back to his room….shaken from the car accident. He was hoping Kevin could help him figure things out, but he had screwed it all up. He was sure Kevin hated him…the guys were annoyed and he felt lost.

“Nicky…” a seductive voice giggled from the room as Nick entered. He walked into the room to find candles scattered everywhere, and Lauren sat on the bed wearing nothing but a black lace bra and matching panties.

“H-hi…” he said, a lump forming in his throat. He felt a sensation in his body…a yearning.

“You have been a bad, bad boy.” Lauren cooed, her fingers trailing down his stomach, trailing to his pants as she put her hand down them. Nick squirmed a little and took her hand out.

“I…..uh….I have?” he asked.

“You have been avoiding me.” she said, putting her arms around his neck and kissing him. Nick felt sweaty all of a sudden, his blood rise when her fingernails touched his shoulder blade.

“Lauren….” he said, but she had thrown him down onto the bed. Still smiling, her hands moved to the clasp of her bra in front of her. Nick’s eyes went wide and he held up a pillow to shield himself from the view.

“Uh, uh….” she whispered coyly…taking the pillow out of his hand and throwing it aside. Lauren moved slowly, swaying her hips and shaking her chest in Nick’s face as she gave him a lap dance. Her breasts were in his face when he cringed and backed away.

“Put them away!” he said, trying his hardest NOT to look. Lauren pouted and before he could speak, the laced bra landed in his face.

“I love when you play hard to get….so hot…” Lauren said. Nick opened his mouth but he hit the bed and she straddled him….

“I’m telling you, something is wrong with him. He cried when he hit the building! What does that tell you?” AJ shouted as Nick walked in the room a while later.

“Dude….are you okay?” he added once he saw Nick’s expression. His hair stuck up…lipstick marks on his face…his clothes were sloppy and a hickey on his neck. He grinned stupidly as he sat down. Brian looked blankly at him, then exchanged glances with AJ.

“I’m not a virgin anymore.” Nick said, as if he were in a trance. AJ laughed so hard he fell off of the leather couch.

“Nick….you haven’t been a virgin since you were 15…” Brian told him.

“No….I just had… Don’t tell my mom…” Nick whispered urgently.

“Nickers, you get pussy every night. Stop playing.” AJ chuckled, wiping a tear from his eye. Nick considered this for a moment.

“That is a LOT of cats.”

“Nick, AJ is right….your room is a revolving door. I’m surprised you have kept Lauren around so long.”
“What are you trying to say…”

“You are a man whore.” AJ said bluntly. Nick looked at him in confusion.

“AJ….I don’t think he is a man whore, he just is lucky. Now, Nick…I know you have been feeling weird the last few days, but we need you to get it together. Tour is starting and this album is very important.” Brian said.

“I get it, Brian….but please understand I just don’t remember all this stuff.” Nick replied, running a hand through his hair.

“I will help him…” Kevin offered with a smile. The rehearsal that day went smoothly until they got to the choreography for Everybody.

“I still think its dumb to change it.” Nick said as he watched the others.

“I know, I don’t like it either. If I was in the group still…” Kevin started, then trailed off.

“Why did you leave? Is it because of-” Nick said.

“-I will tell you later.” Kevin replied wearily. Nick could see a bit of sadness in Kevin’s expression. Nick watched the guys dance for a while and still wasn’t into it. When rehearsals were over, Nick played around with the boom box.

“Nick…we are going out to lunch, want to come?” Howie asked. Nick was doing the old choreography for Everybody. The other guys and the dancers stopped to look as he did it perfectly.

“Wow, look at him go. I miss that dance.” AJ said. To their surprise, Kevin joined in….it reminded them of the old days in Orlando rehearsing. AJ and Howie joined…Brian shook his head at them.

“Come on, Brian….you remember it, don’t you?” Kevin laughed.

“I gotta go and pick up Leighanne from the airport. See you guys later.” Brian said angrily, shaking his head as he left.

“What’s with him?” Nick asked. The other guys shrugged, but deep down…Nick couldn’t help but wonder he was missing something to the story.


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