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Chapter 9


Nick decided after talking with the guys he would go for a walk. He spotted some fans outside and decided to go say hello to them, they looked harmless enough.

“Hi, ladies.” he said. The girls gave him confused looks and he scratched his head.

“Why are you talking to us?” one of them asked, clearly annoyed.

“Aren’t you fans?” Nick asked. None of the girls would look him in the eye.

“You never stop and say hello…you usually walk past us.” a young girl said. Nick felt terrible as he looked at their faces.

“I do?”

The fans looked at him in confusion, a lot of them were younger than the two he had met in the stairwell.

“Well….let me make it up to you. Come on, I have an idea.” Nick said with a smile. He got a limo to take them all to a diner nearby where he bought all of the girls lunch.

“I can’t believe I was so rotten…I am so sorry.” Nick said as they all ate dessert.

“You used to be nice. Then you changed.” a girl replied.

“Things are going to be different, I promise. That Nick is gone…..I really do appreciate everything.” Nick said as he licked chocolate off of his spoon.

“We like this one better.” one of the girls giggled as he hugged her. Nick was so shocked when the fans told him how mean he was….he got a lot of information about himself without them knowing. After he left the girls, Nick went back to the hotel and took out his laptop. He had asked Jenn for his Twitter password, after seeing Brian use it so much he got curious. Nick was stunned to see the messages people wrote him and thought about what the fans had said. How did he turn into such a bad person?

“He’s changed.” a voice said in the hallway. Nick went to the door and peeked….Brian and Howie were talking just outside his room.

“I think its a good one. He has really been putting in an effort and he’s been on time too.” Howie pointed out.

“Changing around the choreography….you call that an effort? He’s trying to change the way we have been doing stuff for years. He never gave a shit before.” Brian pointed out.

“Maybe he does now.” Howie said as they rounded the corner. Nick closed the door to the room and lay down on the bed, thinking. A while later, he heard knocking.

“Hi.” Nick said to the blonde woman at the door. She forced herself onto him, her tongue in his mouth. Nick shoved her off, wiping red lipstick off of his face. After taking a good look, his eyes went wide as he recognised her.


“God, I missed you…let’s get this over with before he gets back.” the woman said. She grabbed him and kissed him again, wrapping her leg around his waist.

“But….but you’re Brian’s wife.” Nick stammered in disbelief….her lips all over his face.

“That didn’t stop you last time, did it, Carter?” Leighanne giggled seductively, playing with his hair.

“I…..I can’t do this….he’s my best friend.” Nick said, pushing her away again. She looked angry this time, flipping her hair out of her face.

“You never minded that before….all these years of sneaking around and now you decided to grow a pair?” Leighanne snapped.

“What about your son? What about your family?” Nick asked, standing near the couch and not looking at her. She was a pretty woman, long blonde hair and blue eyes….Nick had to admit Brian had good taste…but what she had in looks she lacked in personality.

“Brian bores me and Baylee is a spoiled brat….you are more my speed, Nicky. Live a little.” she said, opening her shirt so he could see her breasts. Nick flinched and looked away, blushing.

“I can’t do this to him.” he said in barely a whisper.

“Are you joking?” Leighanne shouted, moving towards him. She backed him into the wall, her eyes flashing angrily.

“Maybe you’d better go….” he said. Leighanne held him against the wall, pushing her body into his.

“You’re going to regret this, Nick.” she said as a knock came at the door. Nick was horrified to see Brian standing there, staring at him disapprovingly….his eyes falling upon the smudges of lipstick.

“Hi honey, are you okay?” Brian said, and Nick watched in surprise as Leighanne threw herself on her husband, pretending to cry.

“I tried to stop him….he tried to….and I couldn’t….” she wailed, smirking at Nick from over Brian’s shoulder.

“Baby, why don’t you go to the room and I will be there in a few?” Brian said consolingly. Leighanne smirked at Nick before kissing Brian and walking out, pleased with herself
. Nick was about to speak when he was suddenly thrown against the wall. He was held there for a while, his body shaking.

“You heartless son of a bitch….how could you do this to me?”

“B-Brian, I-I….”

“Lauren wasn’t enough ass….you had to have my wife too?!” Brian screamed, throwing Nick to the floor as if he were a rag doll.

“I…..Brian….please listen…” Nick said, stunned to see him in a rage like this.

“Get out, Nick….GET OUT!!!” Brian yelled.

“Brian, I didn’t do anything.” Nick said tearfully.

“That bullshit won’t work on me. You had no right touching her. GET OUT!!!!!!!” Brian bellowed, moving closer to him. Nick was on the floor, backed into a corner as Brian yelled.

“If you don’t go, Nick….I’m walking.”

“You can’t be Backstreet Boys without me…” Nick whimpered.

“Watch me.” Brian spat at him. The door slammed shut, and once Brian was gone did Nick feel he could truly begin to cry.


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