Blue Starlight Fanfiction

Chapter 10


Amanda and Nick took the train into New York City the next morning after breakfast. Nick had never ridden on a train before, so he was excited as they pulled out of the Dover train station. They talked softly during the trip, Nick was happy about the record deal….he was a signed artist now. Amanda was trying to keep composure, she still felt upset over Lance but wanted to make sure Nick’s last day in New York was a good one. They were going to do some sightseeing, she planned on showing him all the major attractions that she could in a day. It was early in the morning, the train was full of people in business suits and briefcases heading to work.

“This is a great way to see New Jersey…” Nick commented as he watched the world pass by the window.

“Welcome to my home.” Amanda laughed. They went through Secaucus Junction and all of a sudden the lights on the train went out.

“What’s going on?” Nick asked shakily. His heart pounded in his chest and he closed his eyes, humming softly for a few moments. Amanda realized it was just like on the plane….Nick was claustrophobic. She took his hand in hers and rubbed it slowly with her thumb, his hands shaking.

“We’re going under the river. Just relax.” she whispered. When the lights came on he smiled at her.

“Thanks.” he whispered. They finally reached Penn Station in Manhattan. It was the main station for all incoming trains and the second biggest train station in the city next to Grand Central Station.

“Wow!” Nick exclaimed as he saw the train open and all the people rushing to get off.

“This is Penn Station. Stay with me.” Amanda said, grinning. The station was enormous and had little shops and places to eat. Everyone was moving quickly to get to the platforms and catch their trains. They found the sign for the subway and Nick stopped to look at the map. Colored lines marked the subway routes through the city.

“Can you read this?” Nick asked, confused by the pattern.

“Each subway has a number or a letter. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6….A, B, C, D, E, F…and so on.” Amanda told him.

“So which are we taking?” Nick asked. The letters and numbers confused him enough, making his head swim and his brain start hurting. He definitely was not in Miami any more.

“We are going to Battery Park…all the way at the bottom here.” Amanda said, pointing at the tip of Manhattan.

“What’s so special about it?” Nick asked.

“That’s where we will get on a ferry to the Statue Of Liberty. There is a tour and everything. Come on, we have to catch our train.” Amanda replied, taking his hand. Nick laughed as he followed her down to the train. They reached Battery Park in no time. It was windy and cold by the harbor, the wind whipping their hair in their eyes. Amanda bought the ferry tickets and they got on. Nick was fascinated by everything their tour guide pointed out, but he noticed Amanda was standing by the rail, shivering.

“You look cold.” he whispered in her ear with a sly grin.

“Brilliant observation.” Amanda chuckled. Nick opened his coat and wrapped it around her. Amanda felt much warmer with his body against hers, feeling his heat.

“That better?” he asked, grinning like the cheshire cat. Amanda was overtaken by his cologne, it was hypnotizing.

“Much.” she said, snuggling into him. They rode around the harbor and stopped at the statue, then got back on the ferry. Nick and Amanda rode the subway back to the 34th street station. After waiting in line to to to the observatory, the two of them stood on the Empire State Building, the tallest building in the city.

“This is amazing…” Nick muttered as he looked over the edge. He could see the trees in Central Park, a low fog hung over it and it was beautiful. The his hair into his face They walked around, taking pictures until they saw the Hudson River and the sun setting.

“It’s so beautiful.” Amanda said, smiling.

“Not as beautiful as you.” Nick replied. He blushed immediately, feeling like an idiot for even saying something so dumb.

“That was lame….I’m…I’m so sorry.” Nick muttered, practically kicking himself. Amanda surprised him by giggling.

“You think I’m beautiful?” she asked, blushing as well. Nick just smiled, their eyes meeting…before he knew it they were kissing, their lips pressed against one another. Amanda was shocked, it was the most passionate and wonderful kiss of her life.
“Wow,” she said when they parted. Nick held her, a look of surprise on his face.

“Is that a good wow or a bad w-” Nick began, but she had ovetaken his lips. He ran his fingers through her soft brown hair and they kissed, kissed like there was nobody else in the world to see them.

“Wow!” Nick exclaimed. He and Amanda laughed and left to go back downstairs, grinning the whole way back.

“This day has been amazing.” Nick said happily as they walked up 6th Avenue. The lights of the city were coming on and Nick loved every second of it, he held Amanda’s hand and she liked it. She liked being with him, more than she realized before…there was definitely a new feeling she had not felt noticed. Something that had been there all along, but now tt she was completely comfortable with him, her heart was telling her it was ok to show him.

“What’s that?” Nick said suddenly, as they came across a large staircase. He wandered up it and they found a large fountain in the middle of a small park.

“This is Bryant Park,” Amanda said, pointing out a sign nearby. The fountain was all lit up and the water splashed gently. Nick stood there and watched it, smiling.

“It’s so peaceful here,” he muttered.

“Hard to believe it, in this city there could be a quiet spot.” Amanda agreed. They stood there and held hands, her head resting on his shoulder.

“Come on, I gotta show you something.” Amanda said suddenly, pulling him by the hand. The two of them ran up the street, laughing.

“Where are you taking me?” Nick asked, giggling. His mouth hung open in shock…he stood in Times Square. Everything was lit up…it was mind blowing how many lights there were. Nick walked slowly, his head up as far as his neck would allow him, turning in a circle.

“What do you think?” Amanda asked, smiling as she took pictures of him.

“Amanda, this has been the best day ever. Thank you.” he replied.

“Thank you for letting me come with you.” Amanda said.

“I wish this day would never end.” he told her, taking her hand and holding it near his chin, kissing it gently. Amanda smiled, she would not give this day up for anything in the world. As they walked to the subway, Amanda knew this was only the beginning of a magical night.


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