Blue Starlight Fanfiction

Chapter 11


Amanda and Nick rode the train home to New Jersey. However, this trip was different. As soon as the train left the station, Nick couldn’t keep his hands off of Amanda when the lights went out. She felt his lips upon her own and his hands wander, she loved every minute of it.

“Nick…” she whispered, giggling as he kissed her neck. His mouth felt so good on her skin…he was gentle. Nick moved back up to her face and they continued, she ran her hand through his hair and he held her tight. Every kiss was better than the last, she didn’t even notice how long the train ride was. When they got back to Dover, they drove back to Landing. Nick was kissing her neck the whole way back, making it hard for her to concentrate on the road.

“Nick…not now,” she whispered. The two of them reached her house and went up to the bedroom.

“Nick..” Amanda said, before she grabbed him and began kissing him once more. Nick smiled and she felt his tongue inside her mouth. Amanda removed his jacket and threw it aside, as he continued to kiss, nibbling on her bottom lip….not noticing she was undressing him. Amanda was now in her bra and jeans, Nick had a button down shirt. She moved to rip off his shirt, but suddenly he stopped and looked at her.

“Wait…” he said softly, moving away from her face.

“Nick?” Amanda whispered. She was a little disappointed that he had stopped, they had a momentum going. She moved to kiss him but he pulled away.

“Should we be doing this? You and Lance just broke up.” Nick asked suddenly. Amanda’s face fell…damn his conscience. She sometimes hated the fact that Nick, unlike Lance…had a heart. Amanda didn’t really care about Lance…he had hurt her deeply and all she wanted to do was forget about him and be with Nick. However, she was now questioning if Nick wanted to be with her.

“I don’t care, Nick…I want to be with you.” she said, taking his hand. Nick sat there, looking down at the bed. He had Amanda finally, she wanted him and he wanted her…but he was scared. Scared and afraid that he was setting himself up to get hurt yet again. Nick took his hand back and his face turned from her, his eyes searching.

“I just don’t know,” Nick whispered. Amanda felt hurt….now Nick didn’t want her either.

“Just forget it, Nick.” she said shakily, laying down and turning to face the wall, away from him. She tried her best not to let him see her cry.


“Forget it.” she repeated a bit more firmly this time. Nick sat in the bed, feeling awful. He wanted to be with her so badly, but he didn’t want to be rejected. Nick also didn’t want Amanda to think he was rejecting her. He laid down next to her, leaning on his side and began kissing her shoulder.

“Nick…please…” Amanda begged, her eyes watering as he moved to her neck.

“I want to be with you, Amanda. I want….you…” he whispered into her ear.

“I don’t want to pressure you into anything, Nick.” Amanda said, finally giving in and kissing him back. He removed his shirt and tossed it, then moved to his pants.

“No, I want this.” he said, kicking them off. Amanda smiled and continued to undress herself as they stole kisses, the passion coming right back. She loved how gentle he was with her, he knew just how to please her the most as his hands roamed. They lay together afterwords, her head resting on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

“I never want this day to end…” Nick said with a smile, his hand caressing her back as he kissed her forehead.

“Me either.” Amanda grinned, her finger tracing the outline of his abs.

“This has been wonderful, I wish we could do this all the time, I really love being with you.” Nick whispered. Amanda smiled back at him, she realized she did love him…she loved being with him just as much.

“Nick, I don’t have to be back to college until Monday, can I spend the weekend at your house? I don’t want to go back to school just yet.” Amanda asked. Nick thought about it, Amanda spending time with him back home a little longer would be great. He was so excited they were finally getting together, after all the years he pined for her….Amanda was finally seeing he was right for her.

“Sure, you can stay at my house. I will drive you back on Monday.” Nick said, putting his arm around her.

“Nick, your car blew up.” Amanda laughed, snuggling into him.

“Oh…right. I’m kind of broke…I can’t buy a new one until I get paid for the album.” Nick said, remembering he had quit his job.

“Nick, I could lend you the money….to buy another used car so you have something to get by.” Amanda suggested.

“You’re the best.” Nick said, kissing her again. They kissed until they were too tired anymore, until they fell asleep in each other’s arms. Nick knew he shouldn’t get his hopes up about dating Amanda….but even if it was too good to be true, he would make the most of it.


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