Blue Starlight Fanfiction

Chapter 13


“See you on Tuesday.” Nick said as he gave Amanda a quick hug and drove home. He had a smile on his face….everything he wanted was coming true. He was so excited for the record deal and being able to make his music career…and he would have Amanda. Whistling as he walked in the door, he answered the phone.

“So soon? I just got signed….okay, if you want me to do that….I will. Thanks for everything.” Nick said after a few moments, hanging up the phone as AJ walked in the door.

“What’s wrong, Nick? You look like your dog just died…” AJ commented.

“I am being sent to LA to record,” Nick replied, sitting down at the table and sighing.

“That’s great news!” AJ said, patting him on the back. Nick shook his head, looking defeated.

“AJ…I’m leaving on Friday.” he replied. He felt frustrated, he was excited about the record deal but now it felt like he had made a mistake. Nick always followed his gut feeling, and it was always right…but now he wasn’t sure what to believe or even do.

“Why do you look so upset? Isn’t this what you wanted?” AJ asked.

“I was supposed to go out with Amanda on Tuesday…I can’t go out with her if I’m leaving for three months. Its not fair to either of us.” Nick replied.

“You’re right. I think you know what you need to do.” AJ said, patting him on the back before leaving the room. Nick drove to Amanda’s college, The University of South Florida on Tuesday afternoon, when they were supposed to be going on their date. He was a little disheartened when he saw how beautiful she looked.

“Hello, Nick…come in, I just have to get my purse.” she said with a smile. Nick stood in the doorway, searching for the words. Sure, he could take her out anyway and tell her the news at the end…but he was afraid the date would go so well that he wouldn’t want to leave Florida, that he wouldn’t want to go to Los Angeles.

“Nick, are you okay?” Amanda asked, noticing his expression.

“I gotta talk to you about something.” Nick said softly. The two of them sat down on her bed and he took her hand in his, feeling rotten even though he hadn’t spoke yet.

“What’s going on?” she asked. Amanda was confused, he looked like he was going to cry…she wondered what he was about to tell her.

“I…I can’t go out with you.” he said in half a whisper, not meeting her gaze. Amanda’s face fell. She had been looking forward to going out with Nick for a long time…she liked him as much as he liked her if not more. Amanda was hoping tonight Nick would tell her exactly how he felt about her now that he had gotten the courage to ask her out on a date.

“What do you mean? Why not?” she asked.

“I got a call from the record company yesterday.” Nick explained with a sigh. Amanda looked at him with a confused expression. She had kind of been expecting this would happen, just not that soon. Now that Nick’s career was about to take off, he would be traveling all over the country.

“That was fast.” Amanda said, her last words trailing off as she looked away from him.

“I know. I’m leaving for LA on Friday.” Nick replied. Amanda looked at him, she could see his eyes watering but he wouldn’t cry in front of her. She was trying not to cry herself.

“LA? For how long?” she asked.

“Three months…”

“That’s a long time, Nicky.” Amanda said. Nick almost broke when she used the nickname she had given him.

“I can’t go out with you because it wouldn’t be fair if I left for three months. Its not fair for either of us, Amanda.” Nick explained, his hand on her face.

“You’re right. It isn’t fair. Your career comes first. This must be a record to be dumped before the first date.” Amanda joked, laughing softly.

“I’m not dumping you. Think of it as a rain check. When I come back, we will pick up where we left off.” Nick promised, smiling. Amanda looked away, feeling her heart breaking and wondering why she let herself fall for him.

“We will see.” was all she could say.

“I guess this is goodbye for now, Amanda. I leave on Friday morning.” Nick said as they hugged in the doorway. He leaned in and kissed her gently.

“Goodbye.” Amanda said, watching him leave. She closed the door and laid down on her bed. A picture of her and Nick sat on her night stand…she picked it up and looked at it before holding it to her chest and starting to cry. She let the tears flow, the realization that it was over before it had even begun washed over her. She knew it just wasn’t meant to be.


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