Blue Starlight Fanfiction

Chapter 18


Amanda was falling asleep in class….unable to focus on anything her professor was talking about. She was exhausted beyond belief from being on the phone all night before with Nick. When her phone vibrated in her pocket, she looked at it sleepily before her eyes snapped open. It was a photo of Nick with JC Chasez….her favorite singer and crush.

“Nick, what the hell is that picture you sent me?” Amanda asked, after she had gotten out of class. Nick was sitting in JC’s silver convertible, the warm LA breeze running through his hair. He wished he had a car like this…a nice sports car was at the top of his list to buy when he got his first paycheck.

“That’s JC…..I met him today.” Nick replied, eating a bite of the taco he was holding. He and JC had gone to the drive thru of some random Taco Bell and were heading to his apartment.

“No you didn’t. I’m calling bullshit.” Amanda snapped. She did not sound amused, she was very cranky and annoyed as Nick laughed, licking the sour cream off his finger and grinning.

“Amanda, I’m in the car with him right now.” he said.

“No you’re not Nick, stop messing with me. This isn’t funny…I’m very tired.” she protested.

“Hello, Amanda!” JC said into the speaker.

“Nick….come on. I’m not in the mood for this crap.” Amanda said angrily. Nick and JC laughed.

“No, it really is him! I’m sitting in his car right now….we’re eating Taco Bell.” Nick said. He didn’t know why she chose this time to stop believing him when he had never lied to her.

“He’s not lying, I’m JC.”

“I’m hanging up…”

“Amanda, ask him to sing for you….have I ever lied to you before? EVER?” Nick begged. He did have a point. Amanda privately agreed that Nick was always 100 percent honest with her all the time.

“Never, Nick…never.” she said in barely a whisper. JC sang into the phone and her heart skipped a beat, she could hardly contain the small excited squeal that escaped her lips.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” Amanda said rapidly…feeling like an idiot. JC chuckled.

“It’s all right. Nick told me that you were a fan. Nice to talk to you…he speaks highly of you.” he replied warmly.

“JC showed me where the recording studio is, we are on the same label.” Nick explained happily. He knew that JC would help him with more than that, he had offered Nick help with anything he needed while he stayed in Los Angeles…JC knew how hard it was when he just started in the music industry.

“Well, I’m glad Nick has made a friend….I hope you take care of him.” Amanda said, making Nick blush.

“He’s a good guy. I think Nick is very talented and he will go places, mark my words.” JC said wisely. Nick blushed redder still and smiled.

“JC said he would help me in the studio if I needed an opinion.” he replied.

“That’s awesome…but I’m very tired….I gotta get some sleep. Take good care of my Nick, JC…. There are a few people prepared to kick ass if Nick isn’t happy out there.” Amanda laughed.

“No problem, Nick is a cool guy.” JC said. Amanda said goodbye and hung up.

“Sorry about that, she’s always been sort of protective of me since we were kids.” Nick explained, sipping his soda.

“Oh, I think its sweet that you have so many people supporting you….that’s very important as a solo artist or even as a musician….having that support can mean a lot. As long as you don’t forget who your real friends are and keep your family close, you will be just fine. Remember that, Nick…and mark my words…you will be successful.” JC told him as they pulled into the driveway of Nick’s apartment building.

“That’s really good advice.” Nick said.

“Stay true to yourself, Nick….its the best advice I can give anybody. Have a good night….I will see you in the studio in the morning and we can see just how good your songwriting skills are.” JC smiled. Nick walked up the steps and grinned in amazement at everything that had just happened….his career was just starting, but JC had given him amazing advice. He would always be the same Nick….and never forget where he came from. He couldn’t wait to get started and went to bed that night with a smile on his face….tomorrow, it would all begin for him tomorrow….


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