Blue Starlight Fanfiction

Chapter 21


“Hello, Nick. How was your flight?” Amanda asked when Nick called late that afternoon.

“This is JC….”

“Okay, but why are you using his phone? Is he all right?” she wondered, knowing that JC had her phone number and could call her.

“He is just nervous about his first show…how would you like to come?” JC asked brightly.

“I would love that but I have school. I’m in college right now, and I can’t afford to fly off to Germany whenever I feel like it.” Amanda explained. She felt horrible missing Nick’s very first performance and wanted to be there, but school was important to her.

“I can pay for your flight.” JC offered, his tone determined.

“JC, it’s not that simple. I have school.” Amanda laughed. She got off the phone with him and went back to studying. Later that day, she was called down to the Supervisor’s office. Amanda was nervous, she had never been in there and wondered what she had done.

“Amanda? Take a seat.” Miss Garth said, smiling.

“You asked me to come down here?” Amanda replied shakily, sitting down.

“We would like to offer you our study abroad program. You have been doing so well that you were chosen for it.” Miss Garth told her. Amanda just blinked in surprise.


“Yes. You are going to Germany on a study program, you may stay there for one semester. The expenses have been taken care of.” Miss Garth said.

“Really? This is amazing…thank you so much.” Amanda replied happily, hardly able to contain her excitement.

“Oh don’t thank me. Thank your friend Joshua Chasez for his generous donation to our school.” Miss Garth smiled as she let Amanda out of her office. Amanda grinned, she would be seeing Nick after all.

“I can’t do this, JC….” Nick said as he sat down on the edge of the stage, his long legs dangling over the side.

“Of course you can, I have seen you sing, Nick. You can do it.” JC smiled. Nick twirled the microphone in his hands, feeling uneasy.

“It’s not that, I just…I..I have never….well…” he said sheepishly, blushing.

“Wait, don’t tell me you’ve never performed before. Are you serious?” JC asked. Nick looked down at his feet and nodded, his stomach churning from stage freight. He had never performed in front of a crowd before and wondered why the record company was throwing him into it all of a sudden.

“No I haven’t.” Nick replied in barely a whisper.

“Oh wow. Okay, well we are gonna have to work on a few things then. I want you to have a great first show.” JC smiled. Nick grinned, he could count on him for anything, he was glad JC was there to help. He just wished Amanda was there too.

Amanda was brought to the venue from the airport, her luggage as well since she would be staying on Nick’s bus. She went back stage to find JC talking to his manager.

“Amanda! How was your flight? So nice to meet you!” he said, hugging her. Amanda wasn’t prepared for this and let out a little squeak of excitement.

“N-nice to meet you too, JC. I’m a big fan.” she managed to get out once she had calmed down a bit. She could hear Nick’s voice drifting in from the other room and he sounded amazing.

“He’s been so nervous about this show, I thought he could use some support from home.” JC smiled as they watched Nick from backstage.

“Nick is shy…this tour will be good for him, I know it.” Amanda said. Nick was finished singing and turned to walk towards her. When he saw Amanda, he dropped the microphone and ran to her, picking her up.

“You’re here! How did you….” he stammered excitedly.

“Thank JC for getting me out of college…sort of. I’m studying abroad, just for the semester.” Amanda replied. Nick was overcome with emotion, he was sure that his first show would be good…but he couldn’t help but think that Amanda being here would start trouble.


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