Blue Starlight Fanfiction

Chapter 32


AJ watched Nick pace the floor in his tuxedo…he was deciding whether or not to go to Amanda’s wedding.

“Dude she will be upset if you don’t go.” AJ reasoned. Nick held the chain in one hand….the one with the ring on it. He closed his eyes before stuffing it back into his shirt and sighing.

“Okay….let’s go.”

Amanda flattened down her dress and looked in the mirror, sighing. Half of her still wanted to run…half of her wanted to run and find Nick….tell him how she felt. The wedding was in her backyard. Amanda and Lance couldn’t afford a real wedding and she hated that nothing went right. She had dreamed of her wedding day for quite some time and never imagined it to be like this. Her father hated Lance. Amanda’s parents did not support the wedding at all and made her finance it herself. After saving and a little help from Nick, she had enough to make something reasonable. She hated it.

“Hey….you over there. Come here.”

AJ turned around in surprise at the voice calling to him. He saw an older man gesturing and walked to him, his hands stuffed in his pockets.

“Are you one of Amanda’s friends?” the man whispered. AJ listened in confusion and raised an eyebrow.

“Uh, yeah. Why?” he asked.

“You don’t want her to marry Lance any more than I do, right? If you object to the wedding…” the man continued in a hurried whisper.

“No way, bro. Amanda would kill me.” AJ protested, backing away.

“I will give you 100 dollars if you stop them from marrying each other.”

AJ smirked and shook his hand. Amanda maiming him was worth 100 bucks any day. He hated Lance and didn’t want them together, everyone knew Nick and Amanda belonged together.

Lance and Amanda stood at the altar about an hour later, locking eyes with each other. He smiled, knowing in a few minutes he would win. He liked Amanda….even loved her, but his hatred for Nick surpassed it. All he cared about was crushing Nick Carter’s spirit.

“If anyone should object to this union, speak now or forever hold your piece.” the minister said softly. People looked around anxiously….Nick shifted in his chair. He was about to stand when AJ stood up, looking angry.

“I OBJECT!!!” he screamed, walking up the aisle.

“Oh, dear lord.” Amanda said, turning pink as Lance scowled. People were looking at AJ in surprise and Nick turned red with embarrassment.

“You shouldn’t marry him, Amanda….someone else lo-” AJ ranted until a hand stifled him.

“AJ, you idiot! Sit down!” Brian scolded as he dragged him to his seat while he struggled. Amanda glared at Nick and he looked away in shame. The minister continued and Nick teared when Amanda said her I do’s. He felt his heart break when the music played….she walked down the aisle with Lance hand in hand…a fake smile plastered on her face. He knew she wasn’t happy at all. All Nick could think about during the wedding reception was how he should have told her he loved her, the things he would have said. Amanda and Lance had their first dance and she saw Nick sitting by himself, nursing a glass of champagne.


“You look beautiful.” Nick blurted out when he looked up at her…his cheeks flushed red.

“Thanks, Nicky. Are you okay?” Amanda asked.

“I am never going to be happy. All I want is someone to love me.” Nick sighed.

“Nick…you will find her. In fact, I know someone perfect for you. Hang on.” Amanda said, walking away.

“You’re the one I want…” Nick whispered as Amanda brought over a shy looking woman that appeared to be their age. She blushed and smiled at him, looking down at her feet when Nick grinned at her. She was pretty, dark blonde hair and green eyes.

“Nick, this is Tracy….she and I went to school together in Jersey.” Amanda explained. Nick smiled at her and she blushed redder, staying silent. He was attracted to her, but he felt so attached to Amanda that it canceled his feelings out.

“Hi.” Tracy said, as Amanda nudged her to move closer. Nick stood up and shook her hand, he didn’t think Tracy would ever replace Amanda, but it was a start.

“Hello, nice to meet you.” he said kindly as they sat down at the table. Tracy blushed and looked at him with the kind of glossy eyes he got from his fans.

“Same. I like your music….Amanda told me you were a really nice guy too. I wanted to meet you since she told me about you, Nick.”

“I saw you during the ceremony.” Nick smiled, not sure if he wanted to get involved with a fan. Sure she was pretty and intelligent, they had some things in common as they got to talking…but Nick’s heart was in another place.

“They seem to be hitting it off.” Lance commented when he saw Nick and Tracy dancing together later on. Amanda watched them but had to admit she was a little jealous. Nick had never had a girlfriend beforw and Amanda didn’t like that he was about to date someone that wasn’t her, best friend or not. Who cared if she was married? Nick would always be hers no matter what.


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