Blue Starlight Fanfiction

Chapter 34


Amanda was miserable. Being married was not what she thought it would be. Nick and her were still friends but she thought every day about how it could have been. She dreamed of what it would have been like married to her best friend, longing for his arms around her…

“Where is my dinner?” Lance demanded, breaking the silence. Amanda sighed as she went into the kitchen where Lance stood wearing a dress shirt and dark slacks from his day in the office. He had come home late and was now demanding that she cook.

“Sorry, honey….I will get right on it.” she replied although she wanted to slap the scowl off of his face. Amanda often daydreamed of stealing Nick away from Tracy, her best friend. She moved down to Oceanview after Nick offered her a place to live since she couldn’t find one. Amanda was jealous when she saw them kiss and hold hands, things she wanted Nick to do to her. Hell, at this point she’d let Lance do it….all she wanted was to feel loved and not treated like just a housewife.

“AMANDA!!” Lance shouted, jarring her from her thoughts.

“Coming, Lance.” Amanda said. As she carried the food into the kitchen she wished she had poisoned it.

“You want to cook tonight or should I?” Tracy asked from the kitchen as Nick messed around on his keyboard. He saw her in the doorway and smiled, watching.

“I got it, I will be in in a few.” he said. Life was going pretty well for him….he had a good relationship with his girlfriend, a successful music career….but something was missing. Nick picked up the keyboard and carried it into the house before setting it down on the couch. His eyes fell upon a picture frame on the coffee table….him and Amanda at prom. Nick picked it up and closed his eyes….remembering the kiss. Amanda was what he wanted more than anything, more than all the platinum records in the world.

“Hi baby,” Tracy said, putting her arms around his waist and kissing his cheek. He smiled and returned it.

“Hey.” he said softly. He set the picture frame down and held his shirt, where a ring on a chain lay hidden. 143…..

“You okay, Nick?”

“Yeah, just thinking about some stuff.” Nick replied softly. He was happy but he still loved Amanda. Tracy was good to him and he felt he was cheating her, she wasn’t getting his full heart. He thought about coming clean but another kiss jarred him from his thoughts.

“I know what would make you feel better.” Tracy grinned. She lead him to the couch and began to massage his shoulders, rubbing him gently. He sighed with pleasure. He felt turned on but it wasn’t the same….he didn’t feel that spark he did with Amanda as he kissed his girlfriend. Tracy didn’t seem to notice his mind was somewhere else. She finished kissing him and walked away, Nick looking at her in confusion.

“You know my beliefs.” she replied, wagging her finger at him playfully. Nick sighed. Tracy wanted to wait until marriage to go any further than kissing. He was a little disappointed but respected her wishes. Sitting on the couch, he longed for Amanda’s body to be close to his once more….to feel her hands in his hair. As he got up to cook supper, he sighed and wished Lance hadn’t gotten in the way. After dinner Nick decided to visit her. He tried to hang out with Amanda every chance he could. She was still in college but on winter break so she was home.

“Want to see what I am working on for business class?” Amanda asked as he sat down next to her. He was proud of how she was doing in school, he knew how much she wanted to graduate and finish.


“You like it? It’s a business proposal for a nightclub.” Amanda said, beaming. As he read it…Nick smiled. It was well written and presented professionally.

“Wow, its amazing. Is this what you want to do after school?” he asked, setting the folder down.

“I always wanted my own business….to be my own boss and have things my way for a change. This is my dream.” Amanda explained, sighing. Nick grinned….he knew just how to make it come true, but it would take a lot of money and time to put it together.

“I hope you get it someday.” he replied. He looked over the blueprints Amanda had drawn up, it was time to pay her back for helping him.


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