Blue Starlight Fanfiction

Chapter 39


Nick was nervous. Well, he wasn’t sure why he had been nervous….but Amanda was coming over to discuss his position at her nightclub.

“Stupid contacts.” he muttered, seeing his bloodshot eyes in the mirror. Nick had been wearing contacts ever since he lived in LA…..his management saying it would improve his image to wear contacts. Nick wasn’t fond of them, he preferred glasses.

“Well….looks like today is a glasses day.” he said to his reflection. He finished dressing and went downstairs to find AJ watching TV, his feet propped up on the coffee table.

“Hello, Clark Kent. What’s with the glasses?” AJ joked as Nick swatted his feet off the table.

“Contacts crapped out on me. Hey…my new boss is coming to discuss some things so I suggest you clear off for a while.”

“Your boss? When did you get a regular job? What about your music?” AJ asked.

“I am still doing my music…” Nick said before walking towards the kitchen to make coffee. The doorbell rang and AJ went to answer it…surprised to see Amanda standing there. She was dressed in a skirt and blouse, looking very professional. Her brown hair was pinned up tightly with a clip.

“Well hello there,” AJ smiled, lowering his sunglasses to look at her.

“Nick and I have a meeting, is he here?” Amanda said stiffly.

“Don’t tell me you’re his new boss. He was babbling about a job.”

“I’m afraid so, Jay.”

“Hey, you’re here! Come on in.” Nick said suddenly, appearing behind AJ. Amanda smiled as she saw he took the meeting seriously like she did.

“I have some documents for you to go over if you don’t mind.” Amanda said. She followed Nick to the living room, feeling AJ’s brown eyes on her as she walked.

“AJ, we are in a meeting….” Nick said, looking over her shoulder. AJ looked slightly offended but simply raised his hands in front of him as he backed out of the room.

“Would you like some coffee?” Nick offered, waving his hand for Amanda to sit down. He looked at her clothes and smiled, she looked so grown up. He felt grown up. It was perfect.

“I’d love some, thank you.” she said. Amanda took out her briefcase and opened it while Nick got two coffee mugs and placed them on the table, coasters underneath them.

“You look different.”

“Oh…I had to wear these…my contacts were bothering me.” Nick said, his hand shaking a bit as he poured the coffee.

“I didn’t know you wore contacts.” Amanda said, looking on in awe.

“I got them because my management thought it would improve my image.” Nick said, his ears turning pink. Why did he always feel self conscious around her?

“Well I think you look good with glasses.” Amanda said before clearing her throat.

“I’d like you to read over these contracts with your manager or your lawyer and give them back to me to make everything official. Then we can discuss your schedule and other things like that. I’m surprised you don’t have your manager here with you.” she added, not commenting on his appearance anymore….but did Nick dare to feel her eyes travel across his body?

“Okay.” he muttered, taking the documents. Nick looked them over as she watched him, unaware that she was staring.

“What are you doing?”

Nick blinked…..he saw his signature on the paper before he realized what he was even doing….now the contract was in effect. Amanda was now his boss.

“Nick, are you sure…..your manager didn’t look at that paper first.” she said in surprise. Nick gulped, setting down the pen and looking at her nervously, flattening down his pants along his thighs.

“I….I trust you. I trust you to do the right thing, Amanda.” he whispered. Amanda raised an eyebrow then wondered if she should have put in a clause for Nick to perform shirtless one night a week.

“So what are we going to do about wardrobe….what days am I working?” Nick asked, catching her attention.

“Ah…yes. Well, that is all up to you.”

“I’d like two or three days off a week, depending on the week and what I have planned career wise. As for wardrobe….do I have to provide my own or will it be supplied?” Nick asked.

“What clothes do you have?” Amanda asked, grinning before catching herself. Nick smiled back, looking at his feet.

“We could check out my closet if you like.”

Amanda followed Nick to the closet in his bedroom, surprised to find it was a walk in. Shoes and sneakers lined the wall, racks of hangars filled with suits, dress pants…clothes protected by plastic wrap.

“Nick, where did you get all of this? Your closet is bigger than mine. I hate to say it, but I’m jealous.” Amanda commented, running her hand along the hangers.

“I get clothes given to me all the time. It just kind of accumulated over time. I don’t even wear half of this stuff.” he said. Amanda went deeper into the closet and her eyes caught a pair of pants in plastic…..she felt them, they were black leather. Nick would look stunning in them if she could get him to try them on….

“I’ve got it!” she said, holding them up so he could see.

“Those? Um…I don’t know….” Nick said, his ears turning pink. He didn’t like the idea of wearing tight clothes in front of all those fans, having them look at him like a piece of meat. It was one thing that annoyed him, that some fans would never see him for the intelligent person he was and just see him as eye candy.

“Nick, sex sells. Give them what they want, these girls want something to look at.” Amanda giggled, tossing the pants at him. He nodded and left the closet to change, leaving her to her thoughts for the moment.

“These are tight as hell.” Nick said as he walked back into the closet. Amanda’s mouth hung open slightly….the pants were flattering on him.

“That’s the idea. Here, put this on.” Amanda said, tossing him a black tank top. He pulled off his baggy shirt and put it on, his muscles flexing. Amanda felt a yearning within her….why did her heart hurt so badly when he was near?

“Are you sure about this? I never dress like this for shows.” he said, walking towards her to put a hanger back on the rack.

“Just trust me. You look great! They will love you.”

“You look great too.” he said before he could stop himself. His face was near hers, she could feel his breath on her skin. He leaned closer….his lips hovering…..

“Oh, there you are!”

Nick jumped back, startled as Amanda blushed. Tracy bounded into the closet, smiling…..Nick coughed awkwardly.

“We were choosing an outfit for opening night. Nick’s the headliner, isn’t that great?” Amanda said.

“You look great, baby!” Tracy exclaimed, kissing him on the cheek. Nick didn’t seem happy as she put her arm around his waist and he smiled weakly.

“Thanks.” Nick muttered. He looked down at his feet, listening to Amanda and Tracy talk about the upcoming show, about him….he wasn’t sure how this was going to work. How was he going to keep his emotions in check in front of his girlfriend when the person he loved was in the room?

“I’m glad you hired Nick, he can be home more now….isn’t that what you wanted, sweetie?” Tracy asked, her hand rubbing his back.

“Yeah, it is. I’m gonna go change.” Nick said, kissing her on the cheek before leaving the closet to use the bathroom. Amanda watched him go, but she couldn’t help wonder what was going on in his mind. Something was definitely off and she knew it would all come to light soon.


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