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Chapter 10


“Hello, Nick.” He was startled to hear her voice in the hotel room as he closed the door, still clutching the envelope in his hand. As he wandered further into the hotel room, Nick saw her sitting on the couch.

“Lucy…” he breathed, his throat tightening. Nick’s mind raced. How on earth had she gotten into the room?

“I’ve been waiting for you.” she said seductively, playing with the zipper on her jacket. She sat up on the couch, crossing her legs as Nick slowly walked over and sat down.

“Lucy…but…how?” he began to ask, but her mouth had taken over his face. She began to kiss him….Nick was drawn to her, he kept it going even though a little voice in the back of his head told him to run away. They kissed, hands wandering everywhere they could reach.

“Wait…how did you get in here?” Nick gasped after a moment, pulling away as he reeled from the passion he felt so suddenly. Lucy nibbled on his ear and ran her hand through his hair, kissing his neck as she did so. Nick grinned, but his judgment got the better of him.

“You didn’t answer me.” he said.

“Are you complaining? You said you wanted to know me better…” Lucy responded bluntly. She began to remove his pants but he held onto him with his hand and it annoyed her. Nick wasn’t too sure of this, she was being too aggressive. His body wanted him to keep up the momentum, but that voice in his head was still present. He continued to kiss her until a knock came on the door.

“Nick? Everything ok in there?” AJ’s muffled voice came from the hallway. Annoyed, Nick continued to kiss Lucy as she proceeded to remove his shirt.

“Your friend is at the door.” she commented. Nick ignored her and shoved his tongue into her mouth as she moaned. AJ knocked again, harder this time. Nick sighed and rolled his eyes at AJ’s persistance. He left Lucy on the couch and walked to the door, stepping out into the hallway.

“Dude, what happened to you? You look like you were mauled again.” AJ laughed.

“What do you want? I’m busy.” Nick whispered in an annoyed tone. He wanted to get back to Lucy and figure out how she had gotten into the room. Now that he was away from her, things started to send up red flags. She was avoiding his question and definitely hiding something now.

“I was a little worried…you looked freaked out after that card.” Honestly, Nick felt relieved that his friend had interrupted him…but that’s not what came out of his mouth.

“I’m fine, Jay. What do you want…really?” he snapped. He knew he was taking too long already.

“Do ya got a condom? Monkee and I are having private time.” AJ said, and it surprised Nick that he looked a little embarrassed.

“I only got one dude.” Nick said. He had it in his pocket and was planning on using it tonight if things went well enough.

“Okay then…well, its not like you’re using it.” AJ said bluntly. Nick felt the sudden urge to hit him then, but thought better of it. AJ had always been tactless.

“Look, I’m busy. Go get your own.” Nick told him before shutting the door in his face. When he returned to the room, Lucy had already put her shirt back on.

“Where are ya going?” Nick asked.

“Nick, I really like you but I can see its not a good time. Maybe we can get together another night when you’re not so busy.” Lucy said. Nick was put off by her sudden cold shoulder, and it surprised him…especially after how aggressive she was a few moments ago.

“Lucy, wait…” Nick began, following her to the door…but he met it with his face. He stood there in shock, looking at the closed door in front of him and wondering what the hell had just happened. He walked back over to the couch and picked up the pink envelope to read it once more.

“I’m coming for you…” Nick said softly, chills running down his back. He remembered a similar message a few weeks before, something he had seen on his twitter page. He went back to his door and locked it. Nick had debated telling the others about the threats, had thought about letting them know he might be in danger…but thought better of it. He was an adult. He could take care of himself, or so he thought….


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