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Chapter 11


Lucy walked down the hallway of the hotel towards the elevator, flipping her blonde hair out of her face with her hand and grinning with satisfaction.

Everything was going according to plan, and she giggled at the thought. She had almost slept with Nick Carter….it had taken every ounce of strength in her to walk out of that room, she was going to go all the way if the tattooed freak hadn’t shown up. Lucy chuckled as she stepped into the elevator and took it one floor down to her room. Her suitcase was almost packed, ready to catch her flight to Tampa in about two hours.

Distracting Nick was easy, all a girl had to do was stroke his ego, (and a few other things) he would be all over her. Lucy had noticed after extensive research what would attract him, and it all worked. He had been drawn to her like a moth to a flame…unable to resist. She saw it in his eyes, or she liked to think she did.

“What now, Kris?” she muttered as she heard the tune Everybody wafting from her purse. She pulled out her BlackBerry…the same model Nick had. Lucy knew everything about him and it played to her advantage. She had gotten his phone number and kept him interested. Moving to Tampa was the next step, she found an apartment down the road from his house and had her things sent there.

“Hello?” Lucy answered the phone after the fourth ring, annoyed.

“Thank god. Val, you had me worried sick! I have been calling you for days….where are you?” Kristen asked in a worried tone. She was such a nosy do gooder.

“I’m with my new boyfriend….” Lucy said, cringing at her old name. Yes, the name that bitch had given her….Valerie. She hated her name, had made Kristen and her other friends call her Val for short.

“Boyfriend? Val, the police are at your house…your mom’s body was found in the basement. They are looking for you…” Kristen whispered.

“I’m not coming home….I have everything I need here…..well, almost everything.” Lucy replied with a small smile. She held a pink envelope in her hand….Nick would find it at his house. She loved playing with his emotions….it had become a game to her. Nick liked Lucy….and Valerie wanted to make sure that she stayed in character and kept up the charade as long as possible, he was hers for the taking now that Lauren was out of the picture.

Lauren dumping Nick was a gift in itself, it saved Valerie the trouble of eliminating her herself. Valerie had always despised Lauren…most of Nick’s fans didn’t like her. Oh yes, she would definitely treat him better than that gold digging whore.

“Where are you? I will come and pick you up….then we can come home and forget all of this happened.” Kristen begged. Valerie rolled her eyes again…she knew what would happen if she went back. The police would be tracking her down, she was sure of it. No, it was better to stay hidden…this new identity was working out.

“I don’t think so, Kris. This is goodbye.” Valerie said coldly.

“What? What do you mean? Val? Val?” Kristen said before Valerie hung up on her. She tossed the phone back into her purse and finished packing. The envelope tucked into her jacket, Valerie took a sweeping glance around the room before heading to the airport….Nick would be home tomorrow and the real games would begin….


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