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Chapter 13


“Do you want me to leave?” Lucy asked. As much as he wanted to go further with her, there was no way he could bring himself to go all the way. What was he thinking?

“I’m getting a little tired of this game, Nick.” Lucy scolded him as she got dressed. Nick wanted to kick himself for even taking her to his house, he should have thought about this better.

“Lucy, I really like you…but I think we are moving too fast?” Nick said, more of a question than a response. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed as he followed her to the door.

“I won’t wait forever.” Lucy said, kissing him gently before she left. Nick sat in his living room, trying to make sense of everything. The pink envelope caught his eye on the coffee table, the one he had found in the hotel a few nights ago.

“I’m coming for you…” he read. Nick still wondered what it meant. Who was coming for him….and when? Nick decided to go for a walk to clear his head….and that’s when he found another envelope taped to his door. This one looked just like the other….pink with glitter. His hands shaking…he opened the note.

“I’m here…” he gasped. Nick dropped it and stepped back, his heart racing…looking around as if someone was going to attack him right now. He turned to go into the house, and that’s when someone placed their hand on his shoulder. Nick screamed bloody murder, his body trembling.

“Nick…what’s wrong?” a soft voice asked. Nick turned to face them, not opening his eyes. If they were going to kill him…Nick didn’t want to see who it was.

“Look at me…” the voice said again. Nick finally opened his eyes and gasped.



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