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Chapter 2


“Two more days!” Valerie squealed happily as she and her friend Kristen walked home one afternoon. They had been counting down the days until the Backstreet Boys came to their town….and had waited almost 5 years for a concert.

“Oh god, this will be EPIC. Can’t believe you scored VIPs this tour.” Kristen exclaimed as they went up to Valerie’s room. Valerie Harrington had been a Backstreet Boys fan for 16 years. She owned almost all the collectibles she could get her hands on, and spent most of her money on BSB merchandise and concerts.

“My mom isn’t too thrilled about it, she doesn’t want me to go.” Valerie replied as they neared her bedroom. There was a large poster of Nick Carter on it, his face smiling at them as they entered the room. More posters littered the wall, floor to celing.

“Your mom just doesn’t understand. I mean, she had the Beatles.” Kristen offered as they sat in front of the computer and logged into Twitter.

“Well, our boys are the Fab Four of our generation, Kris.” Valerie said as Kristen laughed.

“Anything new?” she asked Valerie, watching intently. When they got home from college, the girls typically would check to see if there was any news on Twitter, since the guys had taken to posting frequently.

“Ha ha, Nick said I love you to Lauren last night then deleted it.” Valerie said, her voice tightening around the last words.

“Ugh, I wish he would get rid of her. We all know she is only with him for his money. I could make him just as happy.” she added, shutting off the computer and scowling, her green eyes narrowed.

“Val, I thought we talked about this…..Nick is happy, we should be happy for him. Remember?” Kristen said, watching with concern. Valerie had always liked Nick best but sometimes acted like he was her boyfriend, even though the two had never met. Valerie smiled as she looked at the calendar on the wall, a heart was drawn around Friday, the day she would finally meet Nick Carter.

“Val, you’re zoning out again.” Kristen commented. They heard Valerie’s mother yelling up the stairs.

“What the hell does that bitch want now? Doesn’t she know we are busy?” Valerie sneered, tossing back her black hair as she stormed out of the room.

“Here we go again,” Kristen whispered to herself, waiting for Valerie to return. She was used to these fights between mother and daughter. This time it was about the money spent on Backstreet Boys tickets and the VIP package they had bought for the show on Friday, not to mention other things that Valerie had charged on the credit card her mother gave her for emergencies only. Kristen had agreed with Valerie’s mother that she was being self centered and obsessive over the boys, but kept this to herself. Valerie tended to have a bit of a temper when it came to things like that, when people disagreed with her. So she looked at the calendar again. Two more days and it would all be over. Two more days.


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