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Chapter 20


Nick woke up sometime later with a splitting headache and his stomach growling like he had eaten a grizzly bear. His arms hurt and were sore from being chained to the pole behind his head…his legs were cramping too. He tried to lick his lips to moisten them, but his mouth felt like cotton. Nick didn’t know how long he had been in the room, nor how long he had slept, but he felt hungry and had an incredible need to urinate. He felt his stomach yelling at him to eat but felt annoyed that he couldn’t…and he was frustrated at his situation. Valerie had been gone for what seemed like days after their arguement, and Nick wondered what was going to happen to him now. He wondered what the guys were doing, if they missed him…if they were trying to find him. He knew deep down they would definitely miss him. Nick wished he knew what day and what time it was. The room was bare with no furniture and no lights…not even windows. He sat on a cold floor, no carpeting and wondered briefly if he might be in a basement. Nick’s body shivered and his stomach growled again.

“Quit that.” he whispered hoarsely. He really wanted a hamburger….a big, juicy hamburger…with cheese and onions….

Bad idea.

Nick shook away the thought of cheeseburgers and sat alone in the dark, thinking. He thought about Lauren. Nick missed her a lot…but she would never come back. When he closed his eyes, he could smell her perfume and feel her touch, this made him tear up.

“Nicky…” a voice said in the darkness. A small light came on and he saw Valerie come through the door. Valerie smiled at him….looking pathetic and weak in front of her. Good. Let him suffer for what he did, she thought.

“What do you want?” he croaked. She laughed at him and knelt down. He smelled cheeseburgers…more specifically McDonald’s. He could smell fries too…it made his mouth water. Valerie held up the red and white bag, he heard it crinkle and thought about the food inside. She giggled when she heard his stomach growl, his eyes staring hungrily at the bag. Valerie knew he had not eaten in nearly 48 hours and the smell of the hamburgers was now killing him.

“Oh….did you want this?” she said innocently, taking a cheeseburger out of the bag and holding it in the air. She waved it in front of him slowly so he could smell it but not reach it. Nick stared again, licking his lips as he whimpered softy.

“There’s lots of good food in here.” Valerie said, setting the burger down and reaching into the bag. Nick’s eyes darted to the floor and watched it sitting there, the smell torturing his stomach as it growled harder than ever. He watched Valerie take out an apple pie…he smelled the cinnamon even though it was in a box…a large french fry…chicken nuggets…Nick closed his eyes so he didn’t have to look any more. He knew she was up to something. McDonald’s was something he didn’t eat like he used to when he was younger. He loved it but usually leaned towards more healthy foods these days, but after not eating for so long…anything looked good. He would have eaten liver and onions if someone put it in front of him at this point.

“It looks good, doesn’t it?” she teased, grinning like the devil himself. Nick wouldn’t look at her, his eyes shut as if someone had sewed them together.

“I know you want it, Nick.” Valerie whispered, her breath on his neck as she leaned into his ear. He shuddered as she talked. All of a sudden he felt his arms slump to his side. Nick opened his eyes, she had freed him from the handcuffs. His first instinct was to run for the door, but his body directed him to the bag of food. He lunged for it but she grabbed the bag and smiled.

“Uh, uh, uh….bad Nicky.” Valerie said, wagging her finger at him. She took one of the cheeseburgers and handed it to him. Nick ripped the paper off and shoved it into his mouth, cheawing noisly. Food felt so good going into his stomach and he sighed with content, ketchup dripping down his chin. He sat against the floor, eating…not noticing Valerie kissing his neck. All Nick cared about was the food, he tore open the paper on another burger and ate, her lips on his shoulder…back to his neck again. He kept chewing as she slid down and began pulling on his jeans.

“Hey…” Nick said suddenly, backing away. He should have guessed she would do this, try to have sex with him while he was occupied. Valerie snatched the McDonald’s bag away from his reach.

“You want the rest?” she asked, grinning. Nick thought about it…he had eaten two hamburgers and to him, that was all he needed to be satisfied. He wasn’t about to let her have him over McDonald’s. No way in hell.

“Hell no.” he said, a little too quickly. She took the soda she had given him and threw it at his head, the ice and Coke spilling everywhere.

“You can try to resist me, Carter….but it won’t last for long. You’re mine now.” Valerie said coldly before taking the food bag and leaving him in the dark once more. Nick still had to use the bathroom, but knew better than to ask after that display of defiance. Now that his stomach was satisfied, he could begin to think of ways to escape this….but first he needed to figure out where he was…and if he could even get out of it.


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