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Chapter 21


“Get up…”

Nick’s eyes fluttered open and he saw Valerie…her hair had black streaks in it now. She kicked him hard in his side and he winced.

“What do you want now?” Nick muttered. Even before he finished his sentence her hand came across his face.

“You said you needed to go to the bathroom, didn’t you?” she snapped. She was wearing the tightest jeans he had ever seen, and a low cut tank top. It didn’t affect him in the slightest, Nick would rather choke her.

“Yeah.” he said softly, and she allowed him to stand, releasing him from the handcuffs. He found it hard to stand up, his legs stiff from sitting on the floor for two days now. Valerie pushed him along out of the room. There was a short, narrow hallway with a door at the end.

“Go.” she said, pushing him hard in the side. Nick winced in pain, his stomach protesting. The bathroom was extremely small and didn’t have a sink inside, it was just a toilet. He closed the door behind him but did not lock it. As he relieved himself, he sighed with content. Holding in his urine had been painful enough…he was surprised he had held out as long as he did. As he finished, his eyes looked up and noticed the window. His heart began racing…it was just big enough for him to fit through, at least he figured he would fit. He was definitely thin enough, Nick looked at it with a sense of quiet excitement, a grin spreading across his bruised face. Nick zipped up his pants and put the toilet seat down. He climbed on top of it, his legs wobbly but he regained his balance quickly.

“Please let it be unlocked.” Nick whispered, his throat sore and dry like cotton. He could feel dehydration beginning…his body already felt weak. Nick knew that if he didn’t try to escape now…he might not have the strength later on. He pushed the window up and it stuck halfway. Nick sized it up, he was sure he would still fit. It was light outside, he guessed it was morning judging by the angle of the sun.

“Nick?” Valerie’s voice came from the other side of the door. Nick’s eyes widened and he scrambled into the window. He got stuck halfway through, his jeans getting caught on something. Nick was beginning to panic, his breathing got heavy with the effort of trying to free himself. Valerie pounded on the door and shouted again but he ignored her and kept pushing himself through the window. He could feel the heat from outside and it gave him motivation to keep trying.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Valerie screamed, the door flying open. Nick yelped, trying desperately to move. Valerie screamed and pulled on his legs, pulling his body into the house. Nick protested and tried to grab onto the window frame, panicking as he struggled.

“You think I would let you get away this easy, Carter?” Valerie shouted, pulling him to the floor. Nick banged his head on the toilet seat and did not get up.

“You piece of shit. I do something nice for you and this is how you repay me?” Valerie yelled, kicking him repeatedly. Nick covered his face with his arms and went into a fetal position, his body shaking. She grabbed him by his hair and brought his face to level with her own.

“You’re going to regret this…” she said as he grunted in pain.

“Please….stop…” Nick begged softly, not even trying to stand.

“You lied to me….I’m going to make damn sure you feel the same pain you caused me if its the last thing I do.”

“How can you do this to me? I thought you loved me.” Nick whispered, leaning against the toilet. He hated himself for not fighting back, but he was so tired he didn’t have the energy.

“You belong to me now. I can’t let you leave.” she said, ignoring his question. She handcuffed his wrists together and led him back to the room again before pushing him inside, letting him fall to the floor. His stomach growled again, feeling hunger once more.

“Maybe if you reconsidered my offer, you wouldn’t need to be punished.” she said, leaning into his ear as she cuffed him to the pole again. Nick smelled blood, he had cut his head when he fell.

“Never…I will never be with you.” he whispered angrily. She simply laughed.

“Well, you might not have an option much longer. I always get what I want.” Valerie sneered, her face an inch from his. “Get the fuck away from me.” Nick said, moving his leg up to push her off. Valerie fell backwards and Nick grinned, satisfied with himself.

“How dare you talk to me like that?” she shouted.

“You’re a psycho bitch and you need your head examined. When I get out of here-” Nick started, but she had him by the throat. He gasped for air, her hand cutting off his windpipe.

“You….will…never….do…that..again. If you EVER talk to me like this again, you will never see the light of day.” she said, tightening her grip. Nick gasped, choking on his own breath. Valerie finally let go and the color came back to his face. She smiled in triumph. Nick coughed forcefully, trying to catch breath as she walked out of the room, humming as she went. He would give in sooner or later….or she could make his life hell. He would have to make his own choice on that.


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