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Chapter 23


He felt nauseous and dizzy when he woke up hours later…the bile coming up in his throat…his stomach ached and his whole body seemed to scream at him at once. He knew he was sick..and his energy was fading. He wanted to get out…

“Have you learned your lesson yet, Nicky?” Valerie asked, leaning over him. He wouldn’t look at her, he wouldn’t let her see the tears in his eyes that threatened to fall.

“Please…please let me go…” he whispered, hating himself for begging. He knew he was stronger than this….he knew he shouldn’t have let any of this happen, but now he was trapped.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. I always get what I want.” Valerie said coldly, kneeling next to him, touching his face. He felt warm…his face was flushed and sweaty. She could tell that Nick had a fever.

“Why…why are you doing this?” he asked, shivering as she touched him. His chest hurt when he breathed, it was feeling heavy. Nick could feel himself getting worse as the hours passed.

“Don’t be scared, baby. If you would just cooperate, everything would be fine.” Valerie said, swinging her leg over him so that she sat in his lap, his legs underneath her.

“Get off of me.” he snapped, wishing his hands were free to push her off as she started to kiss him. He tried to move his face, but she would move it back.

“Stop resisting, it would make things easier for you.” she snapped as he struggled. She shoved her tongue in his mouth and ran her hand through his hair, but he pulled away again. Valerie’s hand clamped around his throat. He gasped for breath…

“You’re mine, Nicky….if I can’t have you, nobody can.” she whispered as she watched his face go pale. Nick couldn’t do anything. Her body was on top of him, he couldn’t move.

“Please…” he pleaded, tears falling. She simply smiled and squeezed tighter, her nails scratching his neck.

“Let me have you,” Valerie sneered. As her hand tightened its grip, Nick thought about everything that had happened over the last few days. He wished he could go back in time…he wished he could just take everything back. Nick knew he was not going to see the guys again, he would die in this room. He could feel his chest tightening from the lack of oxygen.

“L-let go….of…me…” he gasped, his voice weakening with every word. She shook her head. His face was drained of color. She saw his eyes roll back into his head, and she let go. Nick’s head hung there like a rag doll. The grin slid off her face as she saw him just hanging there, panic began to set in.

“Nicky?” she whispered, standing up. Tears sprang to her eyes, no….he couldn’t be dead…there was no way. She didn’t mean to kill him..she didn’t mean for it go get this far.

“No…no…Nicky…please wake up baby…please.” she whispered frantically, kissing his face as if he were a pet that was ill. She stroked his hair as she let his arms free of the handcuffs, her heart pounding in her chest. He fell to the floor in a heap, his arms falling limp to his side. Valerie whimpered, checking him over for a pulse….it was very faint.

“I’m sorry…please don’t die Nick….I need you.” she begged. How could she gave been so stupid? She didn’t want to go to prison, she had murdered too many already, and now that Nick was in front of her, wasting away…she couldn’t take it. She heard footsteps upstairs, and she scowled.

“You piece of shit, see what you made me do?!” she screeched, kicking him. Nick just lay in front of her, motionless. She sobbed, there was nowhere to go. Nick finally began to move, moaning slightly.

“Its all your fault!” she yelled, rushing to him. He tried to get up but she had him pinned down.

“Let me go…” Nick begged again when she got on top of him. She held his arms back with her hands and smiled.

“I always get what I want. Make no mistake about that.” Valerie said. He opened his mouth but she slapped him and his eyes filled with tears again, it was now or never.


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