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Chapter 29


“I heard him, he’s down here!” Brian shouted as the three of them ran through Nick’s guest house. His heart was racing when he heard Nick scream for help. That meant he was alive….this was all he cared about. Nick being able to yell was a good sign. However, when he ran into the room….Nick was in her lap…not moving.

“You’re not taking him from me!” Valerie sobbed, cradling him like a baby. Nick lay there, his face pale and covered in bruises, a gash on his head. He looked very sick. Valerie was stroking his hair and whispering something to him.

“Put him down!” AJ shouted angrily, noticing Nick’s condition. He definitely did not look well at all. AJ moved to grab Valerie and she stood up, Nick’s head hitting the cement floor. She swung at him and AJ ducked, surprised at her strength. Brian rushed to Nick as they fought while Howie followed.

“Nick?” Brian said softly, touching his face. Nick’s forehead was very hot, he had a bad fever. He lay motionless and unresponsive, his breathing was labored.

“What did you do to him, you fucking bitch?” AJ yelled.

“I love him….he loves me…you can’t take him from me!” Valerie said crazily, her eyes wild and angry.

“How can he love you? Look what you’ve done to him!” AJ snapped. She took another swing and he stepped back, hitting the wall behind him. Brian and Howie were trying to get Nick to respond, but so far had no luck.

“Nick…please…” Brian begged, shaking him gently. Nick didn’t move, his face flushed with fever, his hair plastered to his head with sweat.

“He needs medical attention.” Howie pointed out. AJ was in the corner, Valerie advancing on him. He didn’t want to hit her because she was a girl, but in this case he was willing to make an exception. He moved and grabbed her, pushing her against the wall with such force that she gasped in surprise. AJ pinned her wrists to the wall and held her there as she struggled.

“Not so tough now, are we?” he snickered, grinning at her. Valerie seemed unfazed….a smirk playing at her red lips.

“Let go of me, you freak!” she shouted, her blonde hair in her eyes as AJ held her against the wall. His grip was strong, she couldn’t move.

“Freak? Me? Oh I think you have it mixed up. You are the psycho freak in this room, not I.” AJ protested, his eyes narrowed at her. He heard Brian attempting to wake Nick up again. This moment of distraction was not in his favor. Valerie swung her leg forward and kneed AJ between the legs. He cried out in pain and released her, his hands cupping his balls as he fell over. Brian turned to look but an arm was wrapped around his neck and a gun pointed at his head. The barrel was cold, pressing into his temple as he heard it click.

“Ay dios mio,” Howie mumbled as he saw AJ on the ground in a fetal position, whimpering.

“Back away from Nick, or I will shoot him!” another voice shouted. AJ sat up slowly, his eyes wide.

“Holy fucking shit….” he whispered, watching Brian being held by the neck, his stunned gasps for air breaking the silence. His captor held the trigger and pushed the gun again, making an indent in Brian’s skin. Howie looked confused, he put his hands up and promptly backed away from Nick’s body. Valerie stood up, giggling crazily. “About time you showed up, Kris.” she smirked. Kristen smiled in reply, still restraining Brian.

“You always were my favorite…” she whispered seductively in his ear. Brian’s face went pale….Kristen and Valerie were in on it together. It all made sense.

“You helped her…” he said, grunting as she held him tighter. She had a strong grip for a woman.

“Of course, she is my best friend. She also promised me something I have been wanting for a while…” Kristen sneered. Brian closed his eyes, his heart racing. He now knew how Nick felt….this girl wanted him like Valerie wanted Nick. Kristen held onto him, restraining him with her arm. Howie was stunned, and AJ was nursing himself. Valerie’s attention was back on Nick. She hovered over him, saying something. Howie took a step towards them but the gun clicked again, ready to shoot.

“Don’t fucking move or you will be next.” Kristen snapped. Howie backed up and nodded.

“Damn you Howie. Grow a backbone….” Brian thought, shooting an annoyed look. Kristen started to pull him away from the others, he struggled to get out of her grip.

“Kris, now is not the time. We have to get rid of the other two first…” Valerie said in a casual tone.

“Can’t I just play with him a little? You had your time with Nicky.” Kristen said, and angry tears sprung to Brian’s face.

“Kristen…I know you don’t want to do this…let me go…” he said, hoping maybe he could talk her out of it.

“Valerie said I could have you.”

“I don’t belong to anybody. Let me go and we can work something out…”

“He’s lying! Don’t listen to him, they are all a bunch of goddamn liars. Nick made that mistake when he told me he loved me.” Valerie shouted, leaving Nick unattended.

“He never loved you, you fucking crazy ass psychotic bitch!” AJ protested. Valerie responded by punching him in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

“Why are you doing this to them?” Howie asked, staring at the two girls.

“Nick lies…..I’m making sure he feels the pain he caused me….making sure he never does it again…he belongs with me…” Valerie muttered crazily. Howie was thinking about how to get them all out of this when suddenly Valerie toppled to the floor, falling into Brian. The gun went off….

“NO!!!” he screamed, and everything went silent.


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