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Chapter 5


Valerie was excited as the fans were lined up to meet the Backstreet Boys. Kristen was talking about what she would say to them, but Valerie wasn’t listening to her. All she could think about was that in mere moments, Nick Carter was going to be directly in front of her.

Suddenly it hit her, what would she say to the man she was in love with?

So many things ran through her mind. She didn’t care about meeting the other three, all she wanted was Nick. Valerie walked towards the metal barrier where the guys were standing, all ready to greet her.

She met Brian first, Howie, then AJ….exchanging hellos. Nick was the last one in line. Valerie felt her heart skip a beat when he flashed a smile at her and greeted her. He leaned in to hug her, his long arms draped around her. Valerie responded by grabbing his ass firmly and planting a kiss on his cheek as he blushed. She heard Brian let out an awkward laugh and AJ followed suit.

“N….nice to meet you.” he stammered, still smiling.

“I love you!” Valerie blurted out. Nick looked at the others and laughed nervously.

“I…I love you too…” he said without thinking. Valerie wanted to faint on the spot, Nick Carter was telling her he loved her.

She practically squealed from happiness and the photographer made sure Nick stood next to her in the picture. Nick was grinning the whole time as if he didn’t know what else to do.
After the picture Valerie waited for Kristen, and the girls swapped stories.

“He said he loved you? Really?” Kristen asked in disbelief after Valerie had calmed down.

“He did, Kris! He did!!” Valerie said, grinning ear to ear. Kristen still looked doubtful.

“Are you sure that’s what he said?” she asked again. Valerie looked angry this time.

“Yes, he DID. You’re just jealous….” she replied coldly. Kristen looked hurt at the sudden anger she was being shown and kept quiet.

“Brian gave me a hug too. He is so sweet.” she said meekly. Valerie ignored her and kept walking. Kristen couldn’t help but worry for her friend, wonder if she was going to be all right. Valerie was so hard headed that once her mind was made up about something, there was no way of changing how she felt. Especially when it came to boys. Kristen was afraid for her friend, afraid that she was already planning on making Nick hers, and that he had no idea it was coming.


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