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Chapter 7


Valerie removed the towel covering her hair and smiled at herself in the mirror. Her hair was finished, she looked like a whole new person.

“Wow, you dyed your hair.” Kristen said as she walked into the room. Valerie was spending the night at her apartment before driving to the next show on the tour alone.

“Don’t you love it?” Valerie said, running a hand through her newly dyed hair. She had cut it and colored it herself, something she normally did to save money.

“Its….blonde.” Kristen commented nervously. She noticed that it was the same shade of blonde Nick’s hair was when he was younger, in the Millennium days. Valerie had never colorred her hair before, and the change in her appearance was drastic.

“Why did you color your hair?” Kristen asked, eyeing her friend curiously.

“Why is it any of your business, Kris? Maybe I just wanted a new look.” Valerie said, her temper slowly rising. She hated when Kristen questioned what she did, it reminded her of her mother.

“Does this have to do with Nick again? You really need to cool it with this obsession you have….its scaring me. You almost hurt him at the show tonight tugging on his leg like that.” Kristen said.

“He was okay, Kris. I got him to notice me at least.” Valerie replied as if she didn’t care. She flipped her hair out of her face and walked out of the bathroom, still smiling.

“I’m serious. He could have been really hurt..did you see him fall? Those girls almost tore him apart.” Kristen insisted as she trailed behind her friend.

“Nick is fine. Just drop it, I’m tired and I want to sleep.” Valerie snapped. Kristen was getting too nosy like her mother. She wondered if her mother really was dead….she couldn’t have hit her that hard. Feeling remorseful, she almost told Kristen about her mother but thought better of it. She knew if she told her, Kristen would go to the police for sure…that was the type of persons he was. Kristen was a little do gooder and it annoyed Valerie. She wished her friend would have more of a backbone….but it looked like she was on her own this time. Nick was going to be a challenge to obtain, she could already tell.

“Did you tell your mom you were spending the night?” Kristen asked suddenly, jarring her out of her thoughts.

“I don’t have to tell that bitch anything. I’m over 18, I can do what I want.” Valerie said. Kristen backed away from her, her heart was beating faster.

“I’m sorry, Val. I like your mom, she would want to know where you were.” she said shakily.

“My mom is on a trip, she already knows where I am.” Valerie lied blankly, putting her Nick Carter shirt on to sleep in. She couldn’t wait until the real Nick was there with her, holding her in his arms. She smiled at the thought.

“But you told me that she would be home all week…” Kristen said suddenly, her eyes narrowed. Valerie rose and slapped her across the face. The force of her hand sting Kristen’s face and her eyes filled with tears.

“Keep asking questions and you will end up with her.” Valerie warned, her finger against Kristen’s nose. Kristen whimpered and nodded before Valerie finally backed away.

“If you tell anybody about this conversation, I will make sure you never speak again.” Valerie said menacingly before laying down. Kristen sat in the dark, rubbing at her face and feeling scared…..afraid to go to sleep knowing her best friend was a murderer. She knew something had happened to Valerie’s mother and now she was worried she would be next. Kristen looked at Valerie and watched her sleeping, wondering what she was planning for Nick….and hoping to god he was smart enough to avoid it.


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