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Chapter 8


“Hey, you all right?” Howie asked as they got onto the tour bus in the morning. Nick walked with his head down, his face void of color.

“Lauren left him last night.” Brian whispered into Howie’s ear, and he nodded.

“Nicky, its gonna be okay. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out.” Howie offered, patting him on the back. Nick nodded slowly, his eyes watering. He felt like an idiot for wanting to cry…he had always been pegged as the emotional one of the group…the baby. Nick liked to express his feelings, both good and bad, but he didn’t like how people reacted…like he was weak. Nick loved Lauren, he wasn’t ready for the relationship to end. He had walked into the hotel room after returning from the hospital to find it empty. Lauren’s luggage was gone and so was she, gone off into the night without a goodbye. Nick had tried to call her but she didn’t answer his calls or texts.

“Nick, all you need is a night out with us. That will clear your head. Just have some fun.” AJ offered as their limo pulled up to the nightclub where the after party was hosted. They all went inside, the place was packed with girls…all over 21. Nick smiled slightly. He liked the after parties after shows, but tonight he wasn’t in the mood. As they sat down at a table in the VIP section, Nick spied a blonde girl across the room. She smiled at him and waved playfully, speaking only with her eyes.

“Nick….hello…Nick?” Brian said, waving his hand in front of Nick’s face. Nick jumped a little, startled out of the trance he seemed to be in. Nick ordered his drink and looked back, the girl wasn’t standing there anymore. He had felt a curious sensation when he looked at her, and wondered what it meant. “You seem very distracted today, more than usual.” AJ pointed out as their drinks came, both of them had ordered a beer. Nick knew he shouldn’t be drinking at all and neither should AJ, but they did it once in a while. Nick had promised himself he would never go back to his old partying ways…it was behind him. Nick drank the beer and scanned the room, looking for the girl. He spotted her by the bar and walked over. She had blonde hair down to almost her waist, wearing a black dress. Nick finally managed to slip away from the guys and go up to her. As he got close, he had a funny feeling….something was telling him to stay away.

“Hi….” the girl said with a smile as she sipped her drink.

“I’m Nick….what’s your name?” Nick said, then felt stupid. Of course she knew who he was, the club was packed with BSB fans. She didn’t answer, she simply smiled at him. He moved closer to her, standing next to her. They talked for a long time, he found out she was from Tampa like he was. She wasn’t like the others, so down to earth and shy. He had dated fans before…it rarely worked out. They always seemed to be with him simply because he was a Backstreet Boy. Nick heard AJ’s voice calling him. He turned away for a moment and moved back to the girl, smiling.

“So you never did tell me your name…..” Nick began, but she was gone. Disappinted, he moved back to the booth where the others were sitting.

“Where did you run off to?” Howie asked, almost sounding just like Kevin. Nick laughed, Howie was becoming more like him every day, no matter how much the man denied it.

“I was talking to someone.” Nick said, finding himself unable to get her off of his mind.

“Was she hot?” AJ asked, smirking.

“I’m telling Rochelle…” Brian teased.

“She was amazing….I didn’t catch her name.” Nick said wistfully, looking for her in the crowd. There was something about the blonde that he couldn’t put his finger on and he wanted to know more…he hoped he would see her again.


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