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Chapter 26


“It’s good to be bad.” – Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians)

“Wakey, wakey.” someone said, poking me.

I yawned and stretched, my back hurting like that time I went on Space Mountain. I opened my eyes, but this wasn’t the campground we usually stayed at. It was a hotel parking lot.

“Dude, come on! We gotta go check in.” Brian called.

I saw some girls in bathing suits walking past as we went inside. This was not where we should be. I ignored them and ran after Kevin, Brian lingered and waved at them. He was going to go and talk to them until I grabbed him and pulled him away.


Kevin was at the front desk checking us into our rooms. He didn’t seem to notice we weren’t at the right place.

“Yes, Nick?” he asked, after signing some papers.

“Where are we?”

“Miami. I thought we could change things up this year.” he smiled, picking up his bags and the room keys. It was a pretty nice hotel we were staying in. Nothing overly expensive, but there were some college kids staying there. Brian and I had a room together, but it was more like seperate rooms….separated by a wall. Kevin’s room was two doors down.

“How did you talk Kevin into coming here?” Brian asked, jumping into his bed. He seemed happy so I figured it was okay.

“I didn’t. We were supposed to go fishing like we used to. I don’t know what we are even doing here. This isn’t his kind of place.” I said, shrugging. I was kind of eager to get down to the pool, though. Our room faced it and it looked very inviting.

“Maybe we should go check out the pool.” I suggested.

“I like that idea.”

Me and Brian changed into our swim trunks and headed down by the pool, it was a really nice day. He took off his shirt and dove right in…..I was a bit jealous that he was more in shape than me. I wasn’t fat, but I didn’t have big, muscular arms like he did. I finally took off my shirt and jumped in the pool as well, we swam for a while before getting out and laying on the lounge chairs, talking while we tanned.

“We haven’t seen you two before.” a couple of girls said as they walked over to us. Brian looked at me and winked.

Here goes the womanizer again.

“Oh, we’re not from around here.” Brian said innocently. I moved onto my back and tried to tan my stomach as they were talking…I was horrible talking to girls on my own.

“Well, we like your friend.” the second girl said, and they were both staring at me. I sat up, feeling self conscious. They looked like they were over 21.

They were also twins. Hot twins. I almost looked around, I couldn’t be this lucky. Could I?

“That’s Nick and I’m Brian. We go to college in Tampa…we’re just here on vacation.”

“Nice. I’m Lana and this is Laura.”

I grinned stupidly at them.

I kinda stopped listening after that and let my eyes wander, until they left. They looked just as good walking away. Damn it.

“We just got invited to a party tomorrow. How the hell do you get girls without talking to them? Can you teach me that trick?” Brian laughed. He seemed as excited as I was.

“I didn’t do anything special.” I said, putting on my shirt again. We went back to our room and laid down for a while before Kevin got us for dinner.

“What is this place? I thought we were going out for Chinese?” I asked.

“You need to experience more, broaden your taste in food.”

There was raw fish on my plate. At least I think it was fish. It looked like little tires.

“Is it cooked?” Brian asked, poking at it. Kevin shook his head and just started eating. I shrugged and grabbed one, tossed it in my mouth and chewed.

Not bad.

“What is this, anyway?” I asked.

“Sushi. It’s good for you, I thought you needed a break from regular old Chinese.” Kevin grinned. Brian decided to try his and he wasn’t really into it, but I really liked the yellowtail and california rolls, plus the shrimp was pretty damn tasty. I even got brave and had eel.

When we got back to the hotel, Brian and I went back to the room and I dug out my Nintendo, we played a couple rounds of Mario Kart before bed. Kevin was gonna take us snorkeling the next day, something he knew I’d love to do. I have a scuba diving license but I hadn’t done it in quite a while.

“Tomorrow is gonna be fun. I wonder if we could ditch snorkeling and just go meet the girls.” Brian said, wiggling his eyebrows at me.

“I don’t know about the party, Bri. Kevin won’t like us sneaking off.”

“Don’t wuss out on me now.” he said, standing in the doorway. He and I said goodnight to each other and I rolled over, nervous about tomorrow but hoping for the best.

Snorkeling was amazing, the water was perfect and I couldn’t ask for better weather. Brian even had fun, but I could tell he was thinking about his family, he was never good at hiding his feelings like I was.

Okay, I guess we have that in common.

We got back to the hotel when the sun was setting and Kevin started asking some questions.

“What are you guys doing tonight?”

I looked at my Mickey watch, we were supposed to meet the girls in ten minutes.

“Probably hang around the room.” I said.

“Why don’t you both go explore or something? We’re getting up early to go fishing tomorrow, so don’t be out too late.” Kevin smiled.

“Sounds like fun.”

“Don’t wait up.” Brian told him. I nudged him hard and we both left, heading up a few floors to where the girls were.

I was a bit disappointed with the “party”….it turned out to be me, Brian….two girls and a bunch of alcohol.

What the hell were their names? All I remember is one girl had long legs and the other had boobs.

Legs answered the door and a few drinks later, things got going. I didn’t really want him around alcohol again, but farm boy seemed to be doing okay.

“So, Nick….do you like tequila?” Legs asked me.


“Laura.” she giggled. Strangely enough, the alcohol seemed to be making me less of a idiot in front of the girls. I felt more confident. I also didn’t realize how much I drank, I was just having a good time. Until I didn’t feel so well.

“You okay, Nick?” Laura asked when she noticed me looking a bit sickly. I had to admit I liked her kind of mothering me a bit, it had been a long time since anyone took care of me like this.

“Not really. I like hanging with you but I think my stomach is acting up.” I mumbled. I got up but the room began to spin like the teacup ride.

“Let me walk you back to your room.” she offered.

“I can do it.” Brian said, but he was just as wobbly.

Laura giggled and ended up walking both of us. I could hear Brian puking in the bathroom but I just wanted to lie down.

“I can stay with you if you like.” Laura offered. We ended up laying in bed together and she kissed me on the cheek. It felt different with her than Crystal. After I was feeling better, I sat up and she headed for the door.

“Where you going?” I asked.

“Back to my room. I can’t go through with this.” she said finally, looking guilty.


“My friend Lana and I have a bet going to see who could get you in bed. I feel so embarrassed now because you turned out to be such a nice guy.” she confessed. I was shocked. No girl since Crystal had paid attention to me.

“It’s early yet. How about we order a pizza and watch a movie or something?” I asked, smiling. Again, I think the booze gave me some confidence.

It was going to be a good night.


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