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Chapter 27


“Who says you have to grow up?” – Walt Disney

I woke up feeling very hungover and smelling pizza… fact my hand was laying on a pizza box.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

My eyes snapped open, it was morning and Kevin was here to take us fishing. Fuck.


Shit. Shit.

I got out of the bed and tripped in the sheets, falling face first into the night stand and knocking over the lamp.

“Goddamn it!”

“You ok in there?”

Yes. Peachy fucking keen. I stubbed my damn toe. A flurry of curses came from my mouth and I sighed.

“Uh….yeah.” I said, taking the pizza box off my head and untangling myself. I had bits of sausage in my hair, not a cute look. Kevin said he’d come back soon and I stumbled to the bathroom, on my way there I stepped in something sticky. It was maple syrup and half of a waffle. I stared at it in confusion before blinking and looking at the room again. There were two pizza boxes, but I saw plates scattered around. What the hell did I do last night?

“Mmm, you’re awake.”

Oh fuck. Laura was laying in the bed naked. That’s when I looked down and realized I was naked too. She stared at me and smiled, I grabbed a pillow to cover myself and I blushed.

“Um, yeah.” I said, smiling and laughing awkwardly.

“I had fun last night….I was hoping we could have a repeat performance. Morning sex is the best.” she said. I just stared and started stuttering like an idiot.

“Haha, about that. My uncle is coming to take me and my friend fishing. I’m gonna shower but I will be back later.”

“Lana and I are checking out in two hours, I won’t be here.” she said, putting on her clothes. We talked for a few minutes and once again I was a nice guy, which I’m pretty sure was girl code for “you’re horrible in bed”.

“Oh, sorry to hear that.” I told her, still holding the pillow. She leaned in and kissed me, still smiling.

“Come find me if you’re ever in Pensacola.” she whispered.

I think Brian’s womanizing skills rubbed off on me.

After I showered, Brian was waiting for me. I strolled out, drying my hair and acting like nothing was wrong. He was smirking, smiling like the Cheshire Cat.

“Dude, what?”

“What do you mean what?” he laughed.

“You’re giving me that look.” I said, putting on my sneakers and tying them. We met up with Kevin and he continued the conversation as we waited in the car.


“Brian I don’t know what you’re trying to ask me.” I said finally.

“Did you and Laura have sex?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows. I rolled my eyes at him. He knew I wasn’t a virgin so why was he making a big deal? It’s not like I did anything special.


“So what’s this then? Is this like Cinderella and we will have to find the woman who it fits?” he asked, twirling a red thong on his finger. My eyes bugged out and I jumped on him, trying to get it from him from across the car seat.

“Fuck you!”

“Dude get off me!”

“Ow, quit shoving you prick!”

“Are you two finished back there or should I wait?” Kevin sighed, and we both were quiet. I flattened my hair and he smirked. He is such a child, I thought angrily as I took out my game boy and played Pokemon.

The fishing place was kind of a bit away from our hotel but it was really nice. The water was so clear you could see everything, the sand was white…and Kevin had rented a little boat.

“We’re going a bit off the coast.” the captain said. I felt nausea coming on, from my hangover and Brian was also looking a bit green.

“Urgh.” he mumbled as he sat down next to me. I smiled, looking out over the ocean….it was so peaceful and I felt at home there. Like everything was going to be just fine.

“Bri? Ever worry that you’re gonna fail?” I asked.

“Fail college? Nah. Our grades are fine.” he said, rubbing his stomach. Kevin was talking to the captain.

“No… at life.” I muttered. He stared hard at me. Given, it was a deep question but sometimes I wondered if I really was going to make it to graduation, if I would make it into animation.

“That’s pretty deep. What brought this on?”

“Sometimes I think about it.” I said, playing with the fringe hanging from my swim shorts.

“I was like that when I started last year. I’ve seen your drawings and I think you’re gonna be just fine. It’s normal to worry but you can’t let that stop you. They’re not here, but your parents got your back.” Brian smiled. I nodded, feeling a bit better. I was never a confident person to begin with, but I was glad to have someone to talk to about things. It really felt like we were becoming family.

“We’re here. You boys ready?” Kevin asked. We both took our fishing poles, Kevin and I casted but Brian had trouble.

“I’ve never fished before.” he confessed.

I watched Kevin go over and teach him how to cast, and I smiled. He was the one who had taught me….when my dad was gone. I felt bad for telling him he wasn’t a good parent.

We didn’t catch much but the three of us had a good time, heading back later that day as the sun went down. I stood on the boat, leaning over the railing and Kevin appeared next to me.

“You okay, kiddo?” he asked, patting my back. I grinned at him.

“Just thinking.”

“I heard you and Brian talking….he’s right, you’ll be fine.”

“Thanks, Kev.” I whispered. He looked back at me and it was like he was looking into my soul, waiting for me to say something else but he turned to look at the ocean.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?” he asked.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you back at the house….you aren’t just a friend. You took me in and raised me…and I was a brat.” I said. He smiled and just chuckled.

“You are a brat but you don’t need to apologize. You had every right to say that, I should have told you the truth about Brian from day one. I wanted to see if you and him got along and you do. That was my plan from the beginning.”

“I am. He’s not that bad.” I said, laughing.

After Kevin and I talked I walked back over to where Brian was sitting and we didn’t say much for a while. It was hard to believe a few months ago I was annoyed with him and thought we were complete opposites.

“So are you gonna frame it?” he asked, holding up the thong again.

“Asshole!!!” I yelled, lunging at him. We collapsed onto the chair, laughing.

He might be a prick but I couldn’t have asked for a anything more. He is family after all.


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