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Chapter 10


“How do you know where they are, Kevin?” Howie asked when he saw Kevin come back from his errands.

“I just have a hunch.”

“You’re hiding something. What’s going on? Are Brian and Nick in danger?”

“Shut up and mind your own damn business.” Kevin snapped before leaving. He headed to the rental car Dave had given him….a SUV with new snow tires and four wheel drive.

“You shouldn’t have trouble finding them, this storm will slow them down. And with any luck, they will get stuck. The boy is to be left behind. No excuses.” Dave had told him. Kevin gripped the steering wheel and began the drive. Help was on the way, but he wished he wasn’t doing it like this.

Kevin didn’t want Nick to die, just get him out of the group. But once Nick’s mother had agreed to the experiment, there was no changing Jane Carter’s mind.

“I can collect his insurance policy once he is gone….it will help the family. I am putting you in charge of him, Kevin.”

“Jane, this is your son….surely there is another way. Dave said he would fix him….make him better.” Kevin had said. But his comments had fallen on deaf ears.

“Dave’s plan is crazy. It won’t work, that is what I’m counting on. The money is no use to me while he is alive.” Jane said with a wink.

Kevin’s knuckles were white as he gripped the steering wheel….he just hoped Nick would be alive when he got there.

“Brian, do you know where you’re going?” Amber asked. Brian was driving so she could keep an eye on Nick, who was unconscious still. His breathing was getting worse as they traveled.

“I think so. Frank gave me some directions.” Brian said. He blinked, suddenly feeling dizzy and wondered if this was due to his concussion from the explosion… he had been hit in the head during the scuffle with the guard. He had kept that from Amber, that his head throbbed occasionally along with the growing pain in his leg. He knew his gunshot wound was getting worse but there was no time to worry about it now….right now Nick was more important.

As they traveled down the snow covered road, visibility was not good. Even going at 25mph Brian was having trouble keeping control of the car on the ice patches, he almost ran off the road a few times.

“Brian, be careful!” Amber scolded him. She looked to make sure Nick was okay, he was very pale. She had put a blanket over him to keep him comfortable and warm but he was trembling from the sudden fever that had sprung up while they were at the cabin. Nick’s breathing was getting choppy, Amber wished they had never left the safety of the cabin.

“We are making good time under the circumstances.” Brian muttered, shaking off another dizzy spell. His vision was getting blurry…..this was not what they needed right now.

“Oh my god. Brian stop the car…..Nick stopped breathing.” Amber shouted. The car screeched to a halt, Brian leaning over the wheel…wheezing as he held his head. He didn’t feel right.

“Nick, come on….please don’t give up now….” Amber begged as she got out of the car. It was incredibly cold outside, the wind going right through her as her hair blew all around her. She flipped it out of her face as she performed CPR on Nick, who was laying on the seat unconscious.

“I don’t feel so good…” Brian said, but Amber didn’t hear him. He blinked, everything spinning now.

“Come on, Nick.” Amber begged again, pumping his chest and giving him breath as best she could. She rejoiced when she felt his breath on her face again. Nick still didn’t wake up but he was looking more sick than before.

“Brian, we have to hurry….Nick’s not….Brian?” she said, noticing Brian slumped over the wheel. Amber wanted to scream, now both of them were unconscious.

“WHAT NOW??” she screamed, but the wind overtook her. The wind howled over her voice as she shouted in frustration again, kicking the tire on the car. She was alone now, what was she going to do with two injured celebrities and no idea how to get to the hospital?

Amber didn’t know where they were or even how to get back to the cabin….as the storm picked up, she wondered how she would get out of the situation when she saw lights….

“Help!!!! Help us, please!!!” she screamed, leaving the car to flag the truck down.

Kevin squinted, seeing the girl’s red hair. It was them all right. He had forgotten the girl’s name but once he stopped he remembered it.

“Amber where is Nick and Brian?” he asked calmly. He had to keep his poker face on, there was no trusting this girl with his plan.

“Nick almost stopped breathing….he’s getting worse. Brian is passed out and I don’t know what we are going to do….” Amber shouted over the wind. Kevin walked over to the car ad peered inside….Nick almost looked like a fresh corpse.

“Help me get Brian to the truck.” he instructed.

“What about Nick, Kevin? He’s really hurt. Will there be enough room for all of us?” Amber asked, noticing the size of the truck.

“We will take Brian and come back for him.” Kevin said. Once they had put Brian into the truck, Amber noticed that if they put the backseat down there would be enough room.

“Kevin, the seats go down. Help me get Nick.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Kevin said suddenly.

“You are in on this, aren’t you? I thought it was weird.” Amber hissed. Kevin smirked and his green eyes twinkled maliciously.

“You’re not as dumb as you look.” he replied.

“Either we take Nick or when we get back I tell the press how you left him to die. I’m sure that will go over really well with everyone.” Amber snapped. Kevin’s smile faded, he hadn’t thought of the repercussions. Kevin ended up helping her load Nick into the truck…..he knew he would get shit for this but he was sure it would be worth it in the end.


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