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Chapter 11


Amber sat in the waiting room with the others….looking steadily at her feet.

“If you say anything to anyone….I can make sure you’ll never speak again.”

Kevin’s icy voice rang in her ears and made her shiver.

“You all right?” Howie asked, leaning over. He smiled warmly at her and sat down.

“Guess I am just worried about them.” she whispered. Kevin caught her eye from across the room, watching her.

“Those two will be just fine. Nicky’s in surgery and Brian’s getting checked right now.” Howie said to her. Moments later a doctor walked into the room, looking solemn. The doctor pulled Kevin to the side but Amber could hear them talking.

“Mr. Littrell will be just fine. He sustained an infection from the gunshot wound in his leg.” he explained softly. Kevin smiled for the first time since Amber had met him….for some reason she didn’t like it…it seemed phony.

“Mr. Carter has sustained some internal bleeding….his stitches had to be replaced, there was a lot of blood loss but he will recuperate in a few days.”

Amber grinned…..this was all she cared about. Kevin’s plan hadn’t worked after all, whatever it was. She heard him silently cursing under his breath as he walked back over to them. His face changed slowly to a smile as he walked over to everyone.

“They are gonna be just fine.” Kevin said as they cheered. Brian was awake in his hospital bed, poking at a tray of food.

“How you feeling, buddy?” Howie asked. Brian shrugged, he didn’t feel much different.

“I feel pretty good. They got the bullet out of my leg and I just need to take it easy for a bit.” he explained. He felt like he was forgetting something about the last few days…like something was missing.

“I’m glad you’re okay.” Amber said, placing her hand over his and smiling. The two of them grinned at each other.

“We will leave you two lovebirds alone then. I’m going to check on Nicky.” Howie laughed, heading out of the room and AJ trailing behind.

Kevin coughed and walked out as well, Brian alone in the room with Amber.

“How did I get shot?” Brian asked, looking right into Amber’s eyes.

“You don’t remember anything? We went to rescue Nick and you got hit. How could you forget that?” she whispered. It was then she realized they had done something to him….that they had blocked part of his memory….


He blinked slowly, his body feeling very weak. Everything seemed so strange….he didn’t know where he was or how he had ended up in the hospital again. Was everything a dream?


He knew the voice….he opened his eyes and saw Kevin sitting there in front of him, the room empty except for the two of them.

“Kevin?” he whispered.

“Do you know where you are?” Kevin asked, his face without emotion. Nick felt a chill down his back as Kevin stared at him, he wasn’t sure why…but he didn’t feel safe here. He wondered where everyone was.

“The hospital…..but….what happened? Kevin, I felt so sick….how did I get here? What’s happening to me?” Nick asked with tears in his eyes. He looked genuinely afraid, Kevin felt bad but at the same time he had a mission. He moved towards the bed silently, his hands outstretched. Kevin looked at Nick….he was so close to finishing what Dave had wanted him to do….

“What are you doing?” Nick asked. He heard footsteps out in the hallway and Kevin ran back to his seat, acting as if he hadn’t done anything.

“Hey, you’re awake. How you feeling?” AJ called from the doorway. Kevin laid his hands across his lap and Nick watched him, his eyes narrowed.

“What? Oh, I’m fine. Just pretty tired.” he told them. He reached up with his good arm to rub his head. It was then that he saw the needle marks in his arm….it suddenly came back to him….




He was back in the hospital bed…Kevin was really staring at him now, as if he was waiting….

“Sorry, I must have zoned out for a second. I still feel tired.” Nick whispered meekly. Howie glanced at Kevin, wondering what was going through his head.

“Do you remember anything?” Kevin asked, sitting closer to the bed now. Nick’s eyes wandered, searching for an answer. He remembered a man in a white lab coat, jamming the needle into his arm as he screamed….but nothing else. Nick tried to come up with a lie, he knew Kevin was up to something.

“No….not really.”

“Nick, come on. You must remember something. Do you know who took you?” Kevin asked, his voice stern. Nick felt his heart beat quicken, he felt very uncomfortable.

“Kevin, stop. You’re scaring him.” Howie said, as if Nick were a small child.

“Yeah….you’re freaking me out.” AJ chimed in. Kevin ignored them and put his hand on Nick’s now….Nick shivering at the cold touch. Where was Kevin? This didn’t seem like him anymore. Something was definitely wrong.

“I….I….don’t remember…anything. Just bits and pieces. My head hurts so bad….I just want it to go away.” Nick said, tearing up.

“Want me to go and get the nurse?” Howie offered. Nick shook his head, not wanting to be left alone with Kevin for one minute.

“I’m going out for a smoke then going back to see Brian. Want to come, Kev?” AJ said suddenly. Kevin made a face then smiled as he looked at AJ.

“Sure. Nick needs to rest.” he said, getting up and leaving the room. Howie stayed behind, taking Kevin’s place at the bed.

“Nick, are you all right?” he asked.

“Kevin……never mind. I must be tired.” Nick said softly. Howie left Nick after he had fallen asleep, wondering if he had just walked in on something….wondering what Kevin was up to and if they could figure it out in time to stop it.


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