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Chapter 31


Nick and Kevin rode for what seemed like an hour…..and Nick felt sick. Where was Howie if he’d been cloned too?

“You feeling okay there, kiddo?” Kevin asked, noticing his pale complexion. He was looking a bit green so Kevin pulled over, Nick promptly got out and vomited, feeling everythng come up at once.

“I don’t feel so good.” he muttered as Kevin handed him a napkin he found in the glove compartment.

“We can stop for a bit but you and I need to get as far away from here as possible.” Kevin explained thoughtfully. Nick nodded and wiped his face, getting back into the van.

“So where are we gonna go? What about Alexis and Brian….we can’t just abandon them.” he said.

“Let’s get something to eat and then we can come up with a plan. I don’t want to leave them either, but going to them is just like giving ourselves to them.” Kevin explained. Nick privately agreed, walking right into their hands was the last thing he wanted as well….he was just worried about his friends and Alexis.

They drove for a bit and stopped at a Burger King just outside of Los Angeles….both of them were hungry and tired. They went through the drive thru so nobody would make a scene if they were recognized and ate in a park….making sure they were not followed. So far they had been lucky.

“Will we ever be okay again, Kevin? I mean the group.” Nick asked after taking a bite of his burger and wiping his mouth. Food felt good but he still felt sick to his stomach thinking about how Howie had turned on them. He had never expected things to get so far out of hand because of a simple wish he made all that time ago….because he was selfish. He thought of that often, how all of this was partly his fault for falling for the clone’s trick.

“Who knows, Nicky. Hell, I don’t even know where Howie could be now…or if the others are safe. I am just thankful they haven’t gotten you yet. I’m gonna make damn sure they don’t harm a hair on your head. I promise.” Kevin assured him.

“I think we should try to rescue them.” Nick suggested suddenly. Kevin looked up from his fries and raised an eyebrow.

“That isn’t a good idea.”

“Kevin, we can’t just leave them there. What if Brian’s dead? Don’t you care about your cousin?” Nick asked. Kevin sat there thinking as they watched some kids playing on the swingset across the way from where they were sitting.

“I do, of course I do…..I just don’t want them to get you….Nicky they want you dead. You can’t just waltz in there and expect them to leave you alone. They want me dead too. We are better off running.” he said finally.

“You know what, Kevin? I’m done being scared and I’m done running. You know where they are being held….you can get us in. Just pretend you’re the clone and act like you’ve captured me….they’ll eat that shit up. I just want to get our friends back. I don’t care what happens to me.” Nick told him, licking his lips at the stray ketchup at the corner of his mouth.

“No way. I will not let you just hand yourself over.” Kevin protested. Nick looked up as he saw a few cars pulling into where they had stopped, his face going pale.

“Looks like I might not have to do that if we stay here. RUN!!!”

Kevin cursed and they left what was left of their food, running to the car….but it was too late.


Nick looked up and saw Dave, holding a gun… fired at the tires, popping a hole in the rear one. Kevin lept on top of Nick as the bullets came, pulling him to the ground. The two of them covered their heads as the shots rained upon them, Nick practically wetting himself in fear.

“Now what do we do?” he shouted. Kevin was getting pissed, they were cornered and now there was nothing they could do in theory.

“Richardson, just hand over the boy and we will let you free. We will let your friends free and the girl. All we want is the boy and all of this can end. He’s the only one I am interested in.” Dave said loudly once the gunfire stopped.

“Like hell I will.” Kevin growled.

“Maybe I should just go with them…” Nick offered again. Kevin hit him upside the head.

“Stop that shit right now. You are not going to get yourself killed.” Nick stood up, and Dave told the men to hold their fire. Nick began walking towards the vans parked on the opposite end of the parking lot.

“Nick…..what are you doing?” Kevin yelled in frustration.

“I told you, I’m done running. This has to stop.” Nick said as Dave laughed.

“Smart boy. I suppose you’re not a complete waste after all.” Dave remarked with a twisted grin. Nick continued to walk, Kevin screaming at the top of his lungs to him, but he didn’t stop.

“NICK!!!” Kevin shouted, trying to get him to come back.

“Grab him!”

Nick was shoved face first into the pavement as restraints were put around his wrists, a gun held to his head. He lay there without struggle, just letting them pick him off the ground and shove him towards the nearest van. Kevin started towards them but a gun was pointed in his direction.

“You try anything funny and I’ll blow your fucking head off, Richardson.” Dave snapped. Kevin just stood watching helplessly as Nick was shoved inside the van, and they all left as if nothing had happened…leaving him all alone with a van that had two popped tires.

Kevin knew what he had to do….he had to rescue all of them before it was too late. He only knew one way to get to them…and he hoped it would work.

First, he needed a plan.


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