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Chapter 4


Brian’s heart raced as he ran through the halls of the hospital. As soon as he had gotten the phone call, his spirit seemed to lift….Nick was going to be okay….he was alive.

Then why did he feel like things were just beginning?

“I wish he’d wake up….” Renee said as they sat in the waiting room. The hospital would not allow them in Nick’s room as they weren’t family, so they had to make do with the waiting room.

“He will pull through, I know it….wait did you hear something?” Amber said, as footsteps came down the hall towards them. Amber stepped out to look and ran right into a man, knocking him over.

“Watch where you’re going, asshole!” Amber snapped as she brushed herself off. Her heart nearly stopped when she saw Brian, Brian Littrell looking at her, rubbing his head.

“Sorry about that. I’m kinda in a hurry.”

“Oh my god, you’re Brian!” Renee exclaimed, pointing. Brian grinned and saw that these girls were fans.

“I guess you are the ones who found Nick. Is he all right?” Brian asked, but before Renee was able to speak, Amber interrupted.

“Nick suffered some nasty burns and has a broken leg…I’m not sure how he’s doing, they wouldn’t let us in the room.” she replied. Brian looked at her, she was pretty but seemed indifferent to him….which he wasn’t used to. He allowed the girls to come with him to Nick’s room.

“He looks so pale.” Brian noticed as he sat down next to the bed.

“Well you would be too if you’d been left out in the snow to die.” Amber snapped. Renee shook her head at her, sometimes Amber came on too strong for her taste. Brian looked away, feeling guilty.

“Nick is lucky we found him, he was barely breathing when Amber dug him out. The cops had stopped looking for him.” Renee explained.

“They stopped? What do you mean?” Brian said slowly, but the rest of the Backstreet Boys had come into the room. Renee looked excited to see the others but Amber stayed with Nick, keeping him company while the others talked. Brian watched her with interest.

“I wonder why they didn’t find Nick…it only took Amber five minutes to find him, he wasn’t hidden very well,” Renee pointed out. Brian looked up at Kevin who seemed to change his expression.

“Maybe they didn’t look hard enough,” Howie reasoned, but he was thinking the same thing. Something was definitely off.

“Well, the important thing is that he is alive now, that is all that should matter.” Brian said.

“He’s very lucky.” Amber agreed. Kevin ignored her and walked to the window, looking outside at the falling snow.

“Thank you for finding him, girls. I really appreciate everything….” he began but was interrupted by an angry looking nurse.

“I don’t care what group you are, Mr. Carter has to rest from his surgery. I cannot have so many visitors in his room, I’m afraid you will have to leave.” she snapped.

“Now listen here, lady-” AJ started, but Kevin raised his hand and silenced him.

“Sorry about that. We will be going now.” he said softly.

“But we just got here…”

“AJ, enough. We can come back tomorrow.” Kevin replied. Brian looked at him….why was he so intent on leaving Nick alone?

“You girls can come back and see Nick tomorrow if you like, I’ve told security it is fine.” he said as they left the hospital room. Amber and Renee thanked them and then went back to their hotel, which ended up being down the street.

“I can’t believe all of this….is it just me or is something else going on? The whole thing just seems so weird.” Renee commented as they got ready for bed.

“You’re definitely right. We should go back tomorrow and see if we can find something else out. I have a feeling this was no accident.” Amber said, pulling the covers over herself.

Amber didn’t know when she had fallen asleep, but she woke up in a room that was definitely not her hotel room.

“Renee?” she called out, but her voice seemed different….it wasn’t hers. She was walking, but not sure where she was going. A man in a red jacket was playing with some wires.

“Hey, stop! What are you doing?” she shouted, but the man smirked at her and ran. She started to run after him but a hand grabbed her shoulder.

“Not so fast, kiddo. You need to get ready. It’s almost show time.”

She was led to a room where she saw the other Backstreet Boys….didn’t they notice there was a girl in the room? Brian was half naked in front of her….

“Where’s the fire, Kaos?” AJ asked. Kaos? But why was he calling her Nick’s nickname?

“We have to cancel the show tonight. Something bad is going to happen!” Nick’s voice came out of her mouth….what was this? It seemed like she was seeing Nick’s memories…

“I can’t cancel the show. Dave would hand my head to me. The show goes on as planned.” Kevin said sternly. Everything seemed to fade….now she was on the ground, in a lot of pain as the building collapsed around her…the smoke choking her…

“Someone help….please….”

But nobody came. Everything went white as her world exploded around her.

“Amber, snap out of it!”

She woke up in a cold sweat, safely back in her hotel room, Renee standing over her bed. Was it all a dream?

“Are you okay?” Renee asked, looking fearful.

“It wasn’t an accident…Nick’s life is in danger…” Amber whispered, pushing her damp hair out of her face. She just hoped they could help him before it was too late.


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