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Chapter 6


Brian and Amber sat in the room for what seemed like hours, thinking.

“So how do you propose we get out of here?” she asked, trying again to free her arms.

“We could ram the door down.” Brian suggested.

“That’s a great idea. We could use your head, it’s certainly hard enough. The door is made of metal, Brian! Unless you’re Superman, I don’t think we are gonna be able to break it!”

“I don’t see YOU coming up with anything,” Brian scoffed. He was really beginning to detest this girl. She was pretty but he didn’t like her attitude. The two sat in silence for quite a while, thinking.

“What the hell is your problem?”

“Excuse me?” Amber asked, offended.

“Ever since I met you, you’ve been rude and condescending to me. Do you not like me? Or are you just a bitch to everyone?” Brian shouted. Amber looked down at the floor. She did feel bad for how she was treating him, but she didn’t like how casually he was treating Nick’s situation.

“I’m sorry, but you’ve been acting like Nick’s on vacation or something. This is a bad situation and I still don’t understand how you and the guys left him for dead the other night.” Amber replied. Brian felt horrible, but it only angered him more.

“You don’t know the whole story. I went back in that fire to save Nick. We couldn’t help him…” he said, his eyes watering with regret. Amber’s expression softened. She leaned against the wall, sighing as she watched Brian, he was deep in thought when the door opened.

“What’s going on in here?” the guard asked. When he didn’t answer fast enough, the guard kicked Brian.

“Don’t touch him!” Amber yelled. The guard smirked and walked towards her. Amber watched Brian from around the guard, he was moving….and had somehow freed his arms.

“What the….” the guard said as Brian jumped on his back. The guard struggled and Brian was swinging, holding onto his shoulders as they yelled. Amber took the gun he had dropped and pointed it at him. Brian got off and ran for her as the guard put up his hands.

“Sit down and don’t move or I will shoot.” she said sternly. Defeated, the guard sat down quietly. Amber locked the door behind them and they found themselves in a long hallway, doors on each side.

“Where are we?” Brian whispered, breathing heavily from his fight. Amber didn’t normally work around guns, but she sure as hell could fire one and look intimidating. Brian stayed close and they looked for any sign of Nick. Most of the rooms were locked but they did see people in lab coats.

“In here.” Amber said when they had come across a room that said “Laundry”.

“Do you have a plan?” Brian whispered when she had closed the door behind them. He had to admit, he liked a woman that took charge.

“Sort of. Put this on. We need to blend in.” Amber said, tossing him a coat to put on. They exited the room and continued walking, Amber putting the gun in her pocket. Brian followed her, trying to act casual as they wandered through the building.

“We don’t even know where he is…” Brian whispered, but she raised a hand for him to be quiet. Two men in lab coats walked by and a white card fell onto the floor. Amber picked it up, it looked like a card key for a door. She tried it on the first door they came across, a dark room with panels of blinking lights and equipment. Three long tubes stood at the other end full of some kind of blue liquid that was glowing and giving off a weird light.

“I don’t think he’s in here….” Brian said. As they neared the tube, they saw a man in one of them……he looked an awful lot like Nick, blonde hair and a shark tattooed on his arm.

“It looks like Nick, doesn’t it?” Amber pointed out, trying to get a closer look.

“This isn’t a good idea….I don’t like this.” Brian whispered. Amber found another door and used the card again to unlock it. In this room they did find Nick, strapped down to a table….wires hooked to his body by suction cups. The wires led to a machine nearby along the wall. He was unconscious and very pale, his head drooping to one side.

“Nick?” Brian called, tapping his shoulder. Nick was cold to the touch, as he was in nothing but his boxers. The whole room was cold and it sent shivers up Brian’s back. Amber knew they would be in trouble if they were found, so she began undoing the wires attached to Nick’s body. As soon as she removed the first one, an alarm sounded and she began to panic.

“Well that was a smart idea! Now what do we do? Nick’s half naked and we don’t have a way to get out of here!” Amber quickly removed the rest of the wires with Brian’s help and attempted to lift Nick, but it was difficult for her.

“Help me carry him….he’s a bit heavy.” she hissed as the alarms blared. They knew someone would catch them if they didn’t hurry.

“I can’t exactly tell him to go on a diet!” Brian shouted. They found a table and placed Nick on it, covering him with one of the lab coats. Amber and Brian raced down the hallway, people chasing them.

“STOP THEM!!!” one of the scientists screamed, and some more guards appeared…..aiming their guns at them.

“Oh God.” Brian said as they began shooting. Using one arm to cover his head, he helped Amber get Nick outside to the car. The guards were hot on their trail….firing shots as they tried to get Nick into the back seat of Renee’s Ford. Brian cried out in pain and fell just when Nick had been placed in the car.

“Brian! Come on, we gotta go!” Amber shouted, helping him up….blood trickling down his leg. She punched the gas and sped down the road, a van chasing after them. Amber tried every side and back road she came across and finally managed to lose them…but now there was a new problem, the car had run out of gas. This was the last thing she had wanted out of this weekend….stuck in the wilderness with two injured Backstreet Boys, one of them possibly dying….and it looked like it was going to snow.

“Fucking beautiful.” she sighed, pounding the steering wheel as she looked up at the darkening sky. She had forgotten that it was going to snow that night….she just hoped they would survive it.


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