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Chapter 7


Amber stood over Renee’s car, looking at the engine. Everything seemed fine, maybe the car was simply out of gas or had a dead battery.

“Fuck… what?” she shouted into the wind, getting colder by the second. She kicked at the tire and felt a sharp pain in her foot, could this day get any worse? All she could do was fall to her knees and cry, the pain was overpowering her anger at her situation.

“Amber….come on. There’s nothing you can do and it is cold out here. Come on.” Brian said kindly, helping her up.

“Nothing’s going right today.” she said in frustration. She noticed Brian was limping and blood stained his pants leg but he didn’t seem to notice or even care.

“Are you all right? Let me look at that.” Amber said once they got back into the car.

“I’ll be fine…really. The important thing is Nick is safe. We need to keep him warm until we can get him to a doctor.”

“But you’re bleeding. I guess you got hit when they were shooting us. Doesn’t it hurt?” she asked. Brian was surprised she was being so kind, checking over his wound.

“It’s twanging a little bit. Do you have anything to cover it up?” he replied with a smile. Amber found a bandanna laying on the floor of the car and picked it up, tying it around his wounded leg. He winced but at least the blood would clot now.

“That was either really brave of you…the way you jumped on that guy, or really stupid.” she laughed.

“I don’t even know how it happened, all of a sudden I just built up all this strength and jumped. It was pure adrenaline. All I could think about was helping Nick get out of there.” Brian explained, chuckling.

“Well, it was still pretty cool.”

“How about when you pulled the gun on him? Did you see his face?”

“Um…did you forget something?”

The voice startled them both, Nick was awake in the backseat, laughing at them. He winced and held his stomach, the stitches pulling.

“Nick, you’re awake!” Brian exclaimed. He watched Nick shift a little, but noticed that he kept holding his side when he did so.

“It’s getting darker and darker. Looks like it might snow.” Amber commented as the boys talked. She was glad Nick was conscious but knew they weren’t safe yet.

“So what’s the deal with you two?” the teenager asked, smirking at Brian and Amber. He didn’t want them to know his insides were screaming.

“Nothing. We were just saving you….Brian, we need to give him some clothes. He can’t be here dressed in just….that.” Amber said, pointing out that Nick was still in his underwear. Not that she minded to look, but his health was more important. She instructed Brian to stay in the car with Nick and went to go look in the trunk for clothes or anything else she could find.

There were some blankets, a box of crackers and a bag of clothes.

“Why would she have men’s clothes in her car?” Amber wondered. She took the clothes and food and returned with them, helping Brian dress Nick. The clothes were a bit small but at least he would be warm. The temperature was dropping steadily as the sky got more ominous, dark clouds rolling in. Snowflakes fell around the car as the three of them shared the crackers and drank from a bottle of water they had found in the backseat.

“It feels good to have food in my stomach.” Nick said with a grateful smile, before crying out in pain again. “Nick, you need to rest. Take it easy.” Amber begged. Nick fell asleep after a little while, leaving the two of them alone to talk.

“He really needs medical attention. Someone has to go and get help. Did you notice he keeps holding his sides?” Amber pointed out. Brian nodded. Nick looked like he was getting worse than what he was letting on.

“I will go. You know more about medical things than I do.” he offered. The snow outside was getting thicker and deeper by the minute.

“Brian, what about your leg? It’s not safe.” Amber reminded him. His leg did hurt but Brian knew Nick was far worse of than he was, he didn’t care what happened to himself.

“I’ll be fine.” Brian said as he put on his coat.

“Just be careful out there….please…” she begged. Brian opened the car door and smiled at her, leaning inside.

“Take care of him. I’m a big boy, I can handle a little cold.” he said softly, the snow blowing around him. Amber watched him until he disappeared behind the trees, shivering. She was lost in thought until Nick’s sudden coughing startled her.

“Nick, are you okay?” she asked, noticing his hand holding his stomach again. She knew he was in pain, his eyes said it all.

“I’m cold…”

Amber got out of the car and took the blankets from the trunk, placing both on his shivering body. Nick smiled gratefully as she handed him the water bottle.

“Better?” she asked.

“Much. Where did Brian go?” Nick replied, licking his lips and sighing in content.

“He went to get help. I think he’s fucking crazy out in this weather with a gunshot wound.” Amber said, shivering again.

“Brian’s gonna be okay. Don’t worry. Aren’t you cold?” Nick assured her.

“No, you need that more than I do.” Amber told him with a smile. She watched him fall asleep, the storm building outside as day quickly turned into night, hoping they would survive to see morning.


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