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Chapter 9


Amber woke up to find that the car had been buried in snow. It was cold but for some reason she felt warm, and was surprised to find a blanket draped over her.

“Nick?” she muttered groggily, rubbing her eyes. Nick was asleep and looked pale, but he was still alive. His breathing was choppy at times. A curious noise caused her to wake completely, it sounded like another car….along with muffled voices. What if they had been found? Amber still had the gun….she searched for it. Nobody would take Nick with her there. Suddenly some of the snow shifted and a face appeared.

“Whoa! Easy there, killer!”

“Brian?” Amber said in surprise. Brian brushed the rest of the snow off the window and Amber was pleased to see a tow truck. The sky was still dark but it had stopped snowing for a bit.

“I found us some help…..this is Frank. He’s a mechanic, and his cabin isn’t far from here. How’s Nick doing?” Brian said, limping over to her.

“Nick’s all right but he really needs medical attention. He keeps complaining of stomach pain, I hope he’s not bleeding internally.”

“Why would he be? The hospital fixed him up pretty good, didn’t they? He can’t be hurt still, other than that stomach pain he had.”

Frank took them back to the cabin just as the snow began picking up again. Nick was laid out on the bed while Brian and Amber formed a plan, Brian still ignoring the growing pain in his leg from walking.

“Please sit down, you’re making me nervous. Besides….you should be taking care of that leg.” Amber scolded him.

“We need to get Nick to a hospital….but we don’t even know where we are or how to get home…” Brian said. He suddenly thought of his BlackBerry in his pocket, it would be crazy to try….but he wondered if it would work.

“I thought you didn’t have your phone with you.” Amber asked, raising her eyebrow at him. Brian giggled crazily as he held up the phone…as if it were some kind of trophy.

“Aha…..look who’s in charge now. I got a phone….I can get us out of here.” he laughed, waving it.

“Just call Kevin and see if he can send someone.” Amber hissed, rolling her eyes as she tended to Nick.

“Wh- Where are we?” Nick mumbled softly. His face was flushed and sweat formed at his forehead, but his body shivered.

“Brian found us a place to stay for now until we can get back to the hospital. Just rest here and take it easy. How are you feeling?” Amber said softly. She wiped his face with a towel and realized he was hot. One hand laid over his stomach, she knew he was still in pain.

“Ask them where they are, Richardson.”

“I…..Brian…er…where are you exactly?” Kevin asked as he watched him anxiously. He stood in front of a large screen, a red spot blinking.

“I told you, I don’t know! Why are you asking me again?” Brian’s voice came in over a small speaker.

“Stall him a bit. The trace we put on the boy should help us locate him. Your job will be simple after this.”

Kevin put a hand over the receiver, shaking his head.

“I’m not doing this. They are out in that blizzard… is way too dangerous.” he protested. The man in front of him growled and proceeded to grasp him by the throat.

“Talk, or you will never take another breath.”

Kevin’s eyes widened and he lifted the phone back up, his hand shaking. The hand did not move, but released slightly.

“Brian, are you all right? What is the emergency….can’t it wait until morning?” he gasped. Kevin wanted to tell Brian that he was being watched, but he couldn’t risk putting everyone in more danger.

“No, I’m afraid it can’t. Nick’s not doing good…..he’s getting worse every minute. We need a doctor… I’m injured. You’ve gotta help….” Brian begged, his voice cracking. Kevin’s eyes teared, he wanted to tell him to get Nick out of there.

“Tell him you are coming to get him. I will give you their location.”

“Brian, I think I know where you are. I’m gonna come up there to get you guys. Just keep taking care of Nick. I will see you soon.” Kevin said softly.

“How do you know…..” Brian began, but all Kevin heard was a dial tone. The man let go of his neck and he doubled over, wheezing.

“Your instructions are simple. Retrieve your dimwitted cousin and the girl and bring them here. We need to erase their memories. Leave the boy. He won’t survive the trip.”

“What have you done to him?” Kevin spat, slamming the phone on the receiver. He was burning with hatred, he didn’t want to hurt Nick…..his mother had trusted him to keep Nick safe….

“Leave the boy. We have given him a bit of insurance to make sure he won’t survive. Everything should be taking effect about now….”

“Noo…..oh god…..” Nick sobbed, holding his sides. His breathing became more labored, gasping in choked sobs as Amber tried to calm him. He was shaking, as if he were about to have a seizure.

“What’s happening to him?” Amber shouted, her eyes filling with tears. Nick finally became still, but he was definitely not doing good at all.

“I don’t know! I wish Kevin would hurry…..but I don’t know how he will find us. We might have to drive back ourselves.” Brian suggested.

“Are you insane, Brian Littrell? We could get killed in that blizzard. I don’t want to risk Nick’s or our lives out there in that. We don’t even have a car!” Amber shouted.

“Maybe we can help you.” Jessie called from the doorway with a smile. Brian grinned at them… could always get help when you least expected it.


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