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Don’t Eat The Raspberries


Nick had been off of his killing spree for a few months now…..focusing on his career and music….being healthy.

However the fans irked him more each day, with their stories. Sitting behind their computers and phones…typing away. It made his blood boil and even after killing the ringleader, Rose and the moderator of the website…he realized it STILL wasn’t enough to satisfy his thirst for revenge.

They would all pay.

“Morning, Nick. You’re up early.” Kevin said as he sat across the table from him, smiling. They were all in London to record the new Backstreet Boys album….and since Kevin was there Nick had toned down his need to kill. The fans waiting outside and pulling him to take pictures every day was enough as it is. None of the guys knew he’d already committed two murders since they had gotten to the house….he had covered his tracks well.

“Yeah, I was thinking of going out jogging.” Nick said with a smirk, leaning down to tie his sneakers.

“All right, but don’t be out too long. Brian’s cooking breakfast and we have a special visitor coming by.” Kevin warned.

“Who’s coming over?” Nick asked.

“That kid from One Direction. I don’t know his name but he looks like you a bit.”

Nick’s mouth twitched a bit at this news. He didn’t like being compared to One Direction all the time. BSB was far more talented in his mind. These kids had everything handed to him.

“He doesn’t look like me.”

“Look, just be nice to him. He’s a fan of ours…..they look up to us.” Kevin grinned, patting him on the back before he left. Nick whistled cheerfully as he tied his shoes, grabbing his phone and placing it in his pocket. He also took his favorite knife….the same that he’d used to murder Steph the other night. It had also been used to make some special muffins…..and colorful, gory fireworks.

He almost left the knife home but he figured, why not take it. Maybe he would run into another unlucky fan.

Nick went outside and took a picture of himself, posting it to twitter.

@nickcarter Going for a morning jog in London…NO BODYGUARD!! Uh oh haha

He knew that would probably attract attention, and that was good enough for him. He didn’t go far from the house, the streets were pretty empty for it being late morning.

“Baby you light up my world like nobody else….”

Nick snapped his head around when he heard the girl’s ringtone nearby at a outdoor cafe. There sat a young girl drinking tea, wearing a Sailor Moon shirt. She looked at him, staring…almost spilling her cup.


“Recognized me, did you?” he smiled as he walked up to her and sat down at the table.

“You tweeted that you were going jogging but I didn’t expect-” she said quickly. Her phone went off again and she ignored it, the ringtone playing One Direction again as Nick chuckled.

“So you’re a fan of those guys?”

“Well I’ve always been a BSB fan first but they remind me so much of you that I fell in love with them. I’m sorry…”

Nick’s mouth twitched slightly and he licked his lips, sighing. He was already annoyed.

“That’s cool. You know Niall is coming by today to hang out at our house. Would you like to meet him?” he smirked.


“Sure. I’m sure the fellas wouldn’t mind.” Nick said, his eyes twinkling. He found out the girl was named Steph as well and she was from Canada. She followed him back to the house and it was empty, everyone had gone shopping.

“This place is wonderful.” Steph commented. Nick and her sat in the kitchen talking some more about music. He also found out she was a writer…..and she knew Tracy, the girl he’d deep fried at a Taco Bell in New Jersey.

How the hell did they all know each other? Would he ever get rid of them all?

“Tracy and I always thought a BSB and One Direction show would be awesome, would you consider it?” Steph asked brightly. There was a Katana sword hanging on the wall behind her and Nick kept eyeing it…an idea forming in his head.

Nick shook his head as her phone went off again.

“Sorry, I need to answer this. My parents keep calling me….I’m on vacation here from Canada.”

Nick smirked as she walked into the next room, talking on the phone.

Canada. He knew there was a couple of those fanfiction writers from Canada…..why was it always the Canadians?

Nick started to hum “Blame Canada” as he stood up, still eying the sword on the wall. There was a lot of strange artwork in the house, but this sword had always stuck out. Maybe it was time to put it to use.

“No, mother. I’m fine. I took a trip.” he heard her say as he raised the katana over her.

Blame Canada…..with their beady little eyes….flapping heads so full of lies….

It came so swiftly she didn’t have time to scream….the phone dropped to the floor and it smashed, her body sliced in half…Nick cackling as he cut her up like a Easter ham.

He then realized the others would be home soon. What would he do with her body?

“Nick? Where you at?” Howie asked cheerfully as he walked into the kitchen. Nick was busily chopping up fruit, still humming.

“Oh, I was making some protein shakes with fruit. Would you like one?”

“That looks nasty. What’s in it?” Howie said. Nick opened up his mouth but Kevin and Brian walked in, Niall from One Direction trailing behind.

“Hi fellas. Nice to see you again.” Niall said. Nick smirked as he shook his hand, this couldn’t be any more perfect.

“Nick this stuff smells gross. I don’t know how you drink that.” Howie commented again. He didn’t like the looks of the shake, it was chunky and pink.

“Trust me, it’s delicious….Niall, would you like to try it? Show Howie it tastes fine.” Nick promised. He held the mixture and even though the kid looked skeptical he drank it. Nick watched the whole time, even Howie was staring as if he’d poisoned it.

This was hardly poison…they’d been out of strawberries so Nick improvised. He was pleased with the result though, the chunks of flesh and organs looked like pieces of fruit.

“Are those raspberries in there? Or did AJ eat them all?” Howie asked.

“These are even better than raspberries.” Nick stated calmly, drinking his shake with quiet satisfaction. He thought muffins would go great with this.

Niall licked his lips and put the glass on the counter, looking satisfied.

“Thank you, mate. I was parched. That was delicious.”

Howie tried his but didn’t have a similar reaction, in fact Nick saw him post on his twitter:

@howied 4th day back in the studio with bsb. Nick just made me nasty protein shake. If my stomach does cartwheels soon I am gonna kick his …

Now that Nick thought about it, he and the Niall kid had a lot in common. As Nick went to bed that night, he tucked the knife under his pillow and stroked the blade, the knife safely inside its holder. There would be plenty of time to get them all….he was sure of it.

22 down, and many more to go…


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