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Man’s Best Friend


“You had a little too much fun out there today, Igster. Let’s get all cleaned up for Mommy when she comes home.” Nick said, taking the leash off of Igby and carrying him to the bathtub. It was pouring down rain and Nick had fun chasing him through the puddles…feeling like a kid again. Igby wasn’t crazy about the bath, Nick got drenched bathing the small dog. Nick let Igby out of the bathroom and took a shower himself…the hot water and soap relaxing him as he lathered his body, washing. After the shower he got dressed and made coffee…whistling cheerfully when his phone rang.

“Hi, sweetheart.” Nick said, smiling at Lauren’s voice on the other end. Igby was running around the house, barking as if something were wrong.

“That’s just Igby. He’s acting weird today…I don’t get it. When are you coming home?” he asked. Igby growled at Nick and whined, looking distressed.

“I can’t wait to see you.” he smiled before hanging up. Nick had the perfect evening planned. He had gone out earlier and gotten champagne….set up the jacuzzi bathtub with candles to create the mood.

“What is it with you today?” Nick asked as Igby stood between him and the bathroom, barking. He chuckled at Lauren’s hairdryer laying on the bathroom counter.

“I gotta tell her about unplugging that damn thing.” he laughed, shaking his head as he carried the champagne bottle into the room. Nick set the champagne on the counter and picked up the hairdryer, moving to unplug it. He didn’t see Igby running past, chasing a small soccer ball. Nick lost his balance and tripped before he could stop himself. His arms flailed as he hit the water in the jacuzzi tub…he coughed and sputtered, soaked to the bone. Nick’s eyes went wide when the hairdryer went flying into the air. It landed in the tub and the lights dimmed. Nick didn’t have a chance to save himself….his body writhed and twitched in the water until it moved no longer, his head slipping under the water. Igby whimpered, tugging on Nick’s pant leg that was dangling but he was already dead…electrocuted to death.


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