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Okay Cupid


Brian pulled into the parking lot of the diner at about seven. It was quiet and he was sure he wouldn’t be recognized. Adjusting his tie, he breathed on his hand to check his breath and popped in a mint. The girl he was meeting tonight was not supposed to show up for another fifteen minutes…he liked to be early.

“iced tea with lemon, please.” he told the waitress as he picked apart a paper napkin nearby. He had a habit of tearing up paper when he was bored, Howie always hated that during meetings. He would tear apart the paper until it looked like it had snowed on the board room table. He glanced at his watched and stared hard at the door to the diner, stirring the iced tea so that the straw spun in rapid motion along the edge of the glass. He didn’t care for valentines day much at all since his previous girlfriend had left him for another guy…so he had turned to online dating. He had used another name so that no crazed fans found out that a Backstreet Boy was browsing dating sites. He always chose a place out of the way and quiet, nowhere fancy or expensive. She was running about a half hour late when he almost decided to get up and leave.

“This is so stupid.” he thought as the bells on the door jingled one more time.

“What the hell are you doing here?” a familiar voice asked…Nick strolled in smelling like cigarette smoke and chili dogs.

“I was just going to ask you the same. Don’t you have a date tonight too?” Brian asked, sipping at his drink. Nick laughed.

“Yeah, but she’s late.” he replied. Brian stared at him, raising an eyebrow. He had figured Nick would be playing ring around the bedpost about now, clothes lying around the floor of some random hotel room.

“So is mine. I told her I would be here, I told her to wear red.” Brian said.

“Yeah, well I guess she isn’t coming…I thought any girl would jump to date you, you’d think she would show up on time.”

“I guess I was wrong.” Brian said, angry.

“What’s her name?” Nick asked, leaning his chin on his hand and batting his eyelashes in a sarcastic manner.

“Bridget.” Brian told him, starting on his second napkin when Nick started giggling.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Because….I’m Bridget,” Nick said, cracking a smile. Brian almost choked on his iced tea.


“You use Ok Cupid right?” Nick said. Brian blinked at him in disbelief….how did he know?

“Yeah…but how?”

“I made a fake profile on there to screw with AJ back at New Years. He was looking for a date on there. So you are Nathan?” Nick laughed. Brian wanted to reach across the table and choke him, wipe the smirk off his face.

“Well, I guess hanging out with you is better than nothing.”

“Shut up, Brian. You know you love me. I’m irresistible.” Nick grinned.

“Okay Romeo. Where we going?” Brian said, as they walked out laughing. They didn’t notice the woman in red sitting in the back corner, watching them leave.


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