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Straight Through His Heart


It had hit all the fans around the world like a ton of bricks. Nick Carter….who had sworn off marriage for years…had just gotten married to Lauren Kitt. The two of them had dated for a few years. Nick proposed to her during the tour and managed to keep it quiet from everyone. Lauren made him happy like nobody else could…she understood Nick the regular guy, not Nick the Backstreet Boy. Their wedding day went off without a hitch and everyone was cordial to one another during the reception. The banquet hall was decorated in white and pink….large tables around a space made for the dance floor. Three large crystal chandeliers accented the ceiling above…it was beautiful. Lauren wore a lacy white dress…Nick holding her close and dancing hand in hand, totally in love. The newlyweds just finished dancing and Nick leaned in to kiss her, Lauren beaming from ear to ear.

“I am so glad you changed your mind about marriage, baby. This is the most perfect day of my life.” she said softly. Nick smiled and opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by a creaking sound above them. He looked up as the chandelier began to fall. Several of the guests cried out, the glass flying as it came crashing down.

“LOOK OUT!!!” Nick screamed, pushing Lauren out of the way. There wasn’t enough time to move…..he felt the glass go into his chest…blood splattered on Lauren’s wedding dress and Nick collapsed to the floor. He lay there motionless, blood staining his white dress shirt from the wound over his heart. He was pronounced dead when the paramedics arrived….the crystal chandelier had pierced a major artery and he bled to death, making Lauren a widow after only one day.


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