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Taco Hell


Nick had been dieting for weeks and his stomach was growling from only eating salad. He knew his fitness trainer had told him to stay away from it but his one weakness was Taco Bell. He went to the drive thru and ordered a few chalupas with cheese and sour cream. He had to laugh because the girl at the drive thru window turned out to be a fan and he put the charm on her. They flirted back and forth for a bit and he gave her his autograph before pulling away. It was windy outside and rain fell in sheets against his car windows so he sat in the parking lot to eat his food.

“Nick, you’re late to the studio…” Kevin texted him.

“Fuck that I’m eating.” Nick said, stuffing his face. He was parked at the edge of the parking lot and under the large Taco Bell sign. He didn’t hear it creaking in the wind gust as he continued to eat. His phone rang again and he picked it up angrily.

“What now? I’m trying to have lunch!”

“You were supposed to be here two hours ago. What is going on with you lately?” Kevin demanded. They were in the studio for Never Gone and Nick knew he shouldn’t be breaking his diet but he was craving a chalupa so badly he had to stop.

“Kevin I am on my way. Stop nagging like a little bitch!” Nick growled, wiping at the sour cream on his chin.

“Nickolas Gene if you don’t get to this studio right now I am gonna hunt you down and kill you!” Kevin screamed into the phone.

“Haha, good luck with that!” Nick scoffed. He heard a snapping of metal and looked up through the windshield to see the Taco Bell sign come crashing down towards him.

“OH FUCK!!” he screamed, but there was no time to react. The sign fell onto the car, smashing the roof inwards and breaking the windshield….crushing it on impact. Glass went into Nick’s eyes and throat….puncturing his skin. He was a mangled bloody mess when the police found him later….his face mutilated beyond recognition…..dead on impact.


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