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The Sweetest Thing


“Dude, I’m trying to smell it…Don’t you smell chocolate?” Nick asked in an annoyed tone.

“Whatever. We are touring the factory…come on.” AJ said. He put out his cigarette and the two of them walked towards the factory while the others went to the amusement park with their families. Nick felt his stomach growl and remembered he hadn’t eaten all day. The smell was torturing him.

“I’m soooo hungry.” he said when he and AJ were in like for the factory tour.

“They give samples at the end of the tour. Relax.” AJ laughed. They went into the factory, listening to the tour guide explaining how they made chocolate. The tour was boring and all it did was make Nick hungrier.

“We use these large vats to mix the melted chocolate before it is poured into molds.” the tour guide explained.

“This is lame.” Nick mumbled as his pocket began vibrating against his pocket.

“I’m….too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt…so sexy it hurts…”

AJ laughed and shook his head, Nick turned scarlet.

“What the fuck is that ringtone?” he asked, cracking up.

“Lauren put it on, she thinks she’s hilarious.” Nick admitted. He reached out and picked the phone out of his pocket. AJ slapped him on the back and laughed….but the phone went flying out of his hand.

“I’m a model…you know what I mean…and I do a little turn on the catwalk…”

“SHIT. Look what you made me do, you prick!” Nick shouted as his phone came to rest next to the vat of chocolate.

“Sorry.” AJ shrugged. His eyes widened when he saw Nick climb over the railing. The rest of the people taking the tour had already moved on, none of them seeing Nick’s feat.

“I wouldn’t do that if I-” AJ began, but Nick had lost his footing. He screamed and with a deafening splash….his body landed in the vat of chocolate. He almost choked on it but managed to swim to the top, his face and clothes drenched from head to toe. He splashed in the chocolate helplessly but was sucked under by the blender. Nobody heard his screams silenced by the blade cutting him…slicing into his chocolate covered skin.

Needless to say the tour was canceled and the factory shut down temporarily. Lauren was devastated….she watched as police brought out Nick’s chocolate covered, mutilated body, crying into AJ’s shoulder.

“It’s gonna be okay, Lauren.” he offered.

“He was such a sweet guy.” she said as she burst into a fresh round of tears.


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