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Kevin had suggested that the guys go fishing together now that the NKOTBSB tour was over. All of them were spending a nice relaxing day on Nick’s yacht just off the Florida coastline. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the water a crystal clear blue.

“I am so glad you suggested this. We all needed a vacation.” Brian commented. The day had been pleasant so far, and the weather had cooperated with them. After all of them had a few beers, Kevin dared Nick to go skinny dipping.

“I don’t know…its broad daylight.” Nick said, looking around for any other boats…but it looked like they were alone.

“What are you, chicken?” Kevin taunted him, laughing. Pretty soon Nick had dropped his swim trunks and was completely nude.

“Do it, Nicky!!!”

Nick smiled at them and wiggled his butt before doing a swan dive into the ocean below. He smiled, feeling the cool water on his bare body…the ocean had been his favorite place for all of his life. He moved to swim back to the surface but his foot was tangled…stuck in the sea grass.

“How ironic.” he thought, panicking as he tried to free himself. A memory came to him….of getting his old boat stuck in the same sea grass but instead it was him this time. He finally managed to break free and kicked to the surface of the ocean, the bottom of the boat greeting him not far away. His eyes widened as two dark shapes swam towards him….

“He’s been under a long time.” Howie pointed out when suddenly they heard a loud splash in the water. Nick’s screams sent them all running…he was flailing in the water, screaming at the top of his lungs.

“SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!” he screamed, his face white with terror. The water around him was red….slowly turning dark red. Kevin’s eyes were wide as Nick went under the water. They could see two sharks tearing apart Nick’s body, pieces of flesh ripped away. His head bobbed in the water, he was screaming…begging for mercy.

“Should we help him?” Brian asked, watching the blood dancing in the waves. It was too late for anyone to help. The water became still, drenched in Nick’s blood as his severed arm rose to the surface. Brian promptly vomited at the sight of it and AJ shook his head.

“At least he got to swim naked with the sharks before he died.” he said with a sigh…the sun setting behind them.


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