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Site update

I’ve added a new one shot to the site, its a part of the Revenge Of The Slaughtered round robin I take part in on absolute chaos. Enjoy!


Site Update

Hey just letting everyone know that Not The Other Guy is complete and posted in full. All 45 chapters are there for you to enjoy and I will start on You Give Love A Bad Name, the next in the series. Happy Reading!!!

Site Updates For April 22nd

Hey everyone! I have begun posting Not The Other Guy here, second story in the Nick and Amanda series. I have posted up to Chapter 20 and will continue posting the remainder later today after I watch BSB get their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

I am so proud of the boys for hitting this milestone in their career.

Hope you enjoy the story and any feedback is certainly welcome. Thanks!

A message to the Backstreet Boys….

Twenty years ago today, a male singing group formed in Orlando, Florida. They stole many hearts, including my own. They brought people together from all over the world. Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Backstreet Boys and I couldn’t be prouder that they are still here. Congrats boys. Here is to twenty more.

At The Beginning is Completed! (site updates)

Well, today I clicked the “complete” button on yet another story. At The Beginning is now finished, and I will go back to working on From This Moment On. I will also be posting the other stories of the Nick and Amanda series on here, the next story being Not The Other Guy, sequel to At The Beginning. Hope you are all reading and enjoying the stories as I post and any feedback is appreciated. Thank you so much for the support!

site updates

Hey everyone. first things first we’ve had over a thousand views on the site!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read. I appreciate it very much.

Second, At The Beginning has been updated to chapter 21, and there’s only one more chapter left.

however I am working on a new story that will start after from This Moment On is Finished…. and it is part of the Nick and Amanda series. Hope you all enjoy 🙂 happy reading

Site update for March 26 2013

Hey all. So much has been going on but I’ve got Chapter 19 of At The Beginning posted here and on AC. I have been so busy with work, sorry it took so long but hopefully I will have this finished soon. Enjoy