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Chapter 1


“So why are we having a meeting the day before the fourth of July? We are flying to London in a few days anyways.”

“Kevin wants to go over some things beforehand. Its nothing big.”

Kevin. Ever since he came back I would see so many people congratulating him…..welcoming him back to the group as if he were the prodigal son coming to the Promised Land.

I am important too, I’m sure. However ever since we began this little group, Its always been Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick. Then people were noticing I actually existed. Um, Hi…..I may be short and Puerto Rican but I exist damn it. I can do more than wink and sleep you know.

“So how do you feel about Kev?” Nick asked, turning to me as we walked towards the place everybody was meeting. I stopped, a bewildered look on my face. Up until then, I hadn’t thought of it. Wiping sweat from my face…I suddenly felt suffocated. Los Angeles was in the middle of a bad heat wave. Thank goodness we were going to England, it rains most of the time there anyway.

“Um, D? You okay there?” Nick insisted, waving his fingers in front of my face. What is up with his hand? That kid has weirdly shaped fingers but for some reason the fans love it. What do I have? Nothing. He gets all the attention without even trying, I had to work at it for almost 20 years.

“I’m just hungry. Missed breakfast.”

“We don’t have time to stop, D.”

Nick looked as if he didn’t bother to shower or brush his hair today, it was just laying everywhere and it looked greasy, he had a day’s worth of stubble as well. How our fans find this attractive is beyond my imagination.

“So have you written any songs? I’ve got some awesome stuff I’ve been working on, I can’t wait for you to hear-” Nick prattled on.

I stopped listening and wished he would just shut up. I tried to concentrate on something else but his voice drowned it out, eating me away inside. It seemed to get hotter as we walked even though it was only a few minutes. I couldn’t wait to get into the air conditioned conference room.

However, we weren’t lucky. The AC was broken and it was sweltering.

“It’s hot as balls in here.” AJ commented, propping his feet up on the table until I glared at him. My head was pounding as the minutes passed. It was as if all of their voices were drowning me out.

“Where is Kevin? I thought he was coming!” Nick said, disappointed. Out of all of us, I think he and AJ were the most excited to see him come back. Me? I’m losing almost all the solos I gained when he left. If Kevin had come to me when he returned, I’d have said no way.

No way in hell.

I spied a box of doughnuts on the table and there was only two left, a plain and a Boston creme. I snatched the chocolate one before Nick could get to it, grinning at his disappointment. Dorough one, Carter zero.

I practically snickered to myself, setting my prize on a paper napkin in front of me, watching Brian tearing his napkin up. I always get annoyed by this, he makes such a mess.

I heard them go back to talking about Kevin coming back and how great it would be to have a five part harmony again. Blame Brian for that, Kevin came to him first. The cousins would always stick together. As the meeting went on, I eyed them all and waited for my turn to speak but it never came. I was tired of being overlooked. Even Nick was allowed to chime in.

“Okay guys. See you in a day or two in London, you all have the address to our house where we’re all living.”

I didn’t know who said this, but I was so annoyed I ignored it…..trying not to think about my headache. It felt like the heat was screwing with me.

“Wait…” I said, and they all looked at me.


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