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Chapter 2


“What’s up, Howie?” Brian asked. I had noticed that the doughnut sitting in front of me was now missing. The last doughnut. I hadn’t eaten before I left the house and my stomach was echoing in my head, growling crazily.

“My doughnut is gone.” I said softly. There was nothing left but crumbs, staring me in the face and mocking me. The guys just raised their eyebrows and continued ignoring me which pissed me off further.

“Okay, so what about this producer?”

“I said my doughnut is missing.” I repeated. They all looked up at me again.

“We get that, D. What’s the point?” AJ scoffed, putting up his feet again.

“Someone ate my breakfast. I’m hungry!” I said, half shouting. Nick seemed to be thoroughly ignoring the conversation by taking out his phone and playing with it.

I bet it was him, he looks guilty.

“Howie, can’t it wait? This is important.” Brian pointed out. I stood up and slammed my hand on the table, I’d had enough of being ignored for so long.

“NO. I am sick and tired of this. You guys talking over me…..and now someone ate my goddamn doughnut.” I hissed. AJ took out his phone and I walked over, snatching it away.

“What gives?”

“You are NOT making a bomb video right now. You’re going to listen.” I said, putting his phone in his pocket. I walked up to Nick and took his as well. He pouted at me. I don’t know how he can always make himself look so pitiful, he thinks he’s being cute but it’s annoying as hell. He’s almost 32 and he still acts like a child.

“Okay, what is this about?” Brian asked as I closed the door to the conference room and locked it, leaving just the three of us inside.

“I am not leaving until one of you confesses to taking my breakfast.”

“Well it wasn’t me.” Brian said, sitting down next to Nick. AJ shrugged and I circled the table, pacing.

“One of you ate it.”

I could practically see Nick squirming in his chair, which he usually did when he was hiding something.

“Nick, just tell him you took it so we can leave.” Brian reasoned. He and Nick exchanged looks. It was so weird hearing him call Nick by his name and not Frack. I’d gotten so used to them that I didn’t realize they’d drifted apart. We were all older now and had changed whether we liked to admit it or not.

It was then that I felt very stupid for being angry over Kevin.

“Guys, I’m sorry. I’ve just been feeling crazy over this Kevin thing. I was afraid I would get pushed away again like before.” I said suddenly. Once again they all looked up, but this time it was with concern.

“Howie, we appreciate you. You’re not gonna get treated like that, I think you’re really talented. We wrote that song for your album, remember?” Nick piped up.

I knew I liked that kid.

“Yeah, you’re right.” I smiled. I gave him back his phone and he pocketed it.

“You should have said something sooner, Howie. I think Kevin coming back is great, but it doesn’t mean we or the fans are forgetting you. You’re always gonna be a important part of the group to us.” AJ said.

“If I give this back no bomb video. At least not until after we leave.”


I gave the phone back and we left the boardroom because it was so hot out. As Nick and I walked we detoured.

“What happened, Nick?”

“We are going to the doughnut shop over here.” he said calmly.


“I ate your breakfast. Sorry, I was really hungry.”

“I’ll keeeel you!”

I ran after him, chasing him down the street as we laughed.

So much for him eating healthy, huh?


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