Blue Starlight Fanfiction

Chapter 3


“I’m surprised AJ didn’t play a joke on you yet…he always gets the new people on their first day.” Nick whispered.

“What?” Brian looked at him in confusion. As he turned around, Nick saw a large round sticker square on Brian’s backside. Nick looked horrified as it was a yellow one labeled Chicken. AJ snickered and pointed at Brian’s butt. Nick began mouthing to him to remove it, but this led to much confusion. Kevin rounded the corner and saw AJ laughing.

“What the hell is so funny?” Kevin demanded. Brian felt his backside and found the sticker, holding it up.

“ALEX! I told you not to do this anymore….I’m gonna have to write you up.” Kevin shouted as he stormed into the office.

“But its just a sticker…it didn’t hurt anybody.” AJ protested. He looked pleadingly at Nick, who shrugged.

“Kev, its all right. They didn’t make me upset.” Brian said.

“In fact I thought it was funny. I like this place, I think I’m gonna enjoy working here. Your co workers are fun.” he added with a warm smile.

“Wow, thanks for that…” AJ said, shaking Brian’s hand at the end of their shift.

“Yeah that was cool of you. Want to chill after work?” Nick asked. He and AJ were planning on going out for drinks like they did every Thursday.

“Sure I would like that. All in a day’s work.” Brian said as they all piled into AJ’s car and drove away.


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