Blue Starlight Fanfiction

Chapter 4


“Whassup, chicken butt?”

“I said don’t call me that!” Brian hissed as Nick laughed at him. Brian was slowly getting used to working at Taco Bell. It was definitely an interesting place to work, mostly because of his quirky co workers. He punched in for his shift and walked over to Kevin to find out what position he would be working.

“So where am I anyway?” Brian asked.

“Taco Hell.” AJ said, and Nick smiled as he shook his head.

“Brian, do you really need to ask? That is what the deployment chart is for.” Kevin laughed, ignoring them. Rolling his eyes, Brian took the headset from Kevin and went to the drive thru where he heard a beeping noise in his ear.

“Aww fuck. I just took off my damn gloves.” AJ said loudly.

“Quit whining and put new ones on, Alex.”

“Kev, its AJ. How many times to I have to tell you I hate being called Alex?”

“Just make the damn food.” Kevin snapped, as AJ went to put on new gloves. Nick focused on what Brian was saying so he could begin making the order.

“I’m sorry, Coke is illegal….would you like a Pepsi?” Brian said suddenly. Kevin’s head shot out of the office.

“What did he say?” he asked, raising a bushy eyebrow. Nick was laughing too much to answer the question.

“Classic,” AJ commented, grinning. The customer drove to the window where Brian took the money.

“Would you like hot, mild, or fire sauce?” Brian asked. The lady at the window paused to think for a moment.

“Do you have barbecue?” she asked.

“Did I mention barbecue, ma’am?” Brian asked politely. Nick laughed again.

“Dude, what are you doing? Kevin’s gonna flip.” he giggled as the customer drove away. The rain outside was becoming heavier. Business was slow due to the weather and the guys were bored because there weren’t many customers in the downpour.

“AW HELL!!!” Kevin shouted suddenly. Nick looked up to see a steady stream of water pouring from one of the ceiling tiles in the back of the kitchen. It wasn’t a bad leak, but Nick figured that it was not normal. The ceiling tile was growing heavy with water and it had spread to the tile next to it. AJ ran and grabbed the nearest garbage can to place under the water.

“Why is it raining inside?” Brian asked in such a serious tone that AJ laughed hysterically.

“Because some fucker didn’t clean the roof like I told him to this morning….ALEX.” Kevin snapped. All eyes were on AJ who was still laughing but stopped when he noticed everyone staring at him.

“Oh no….you’re not makin me go on the damn roof in this weather.” AJ protested.

“Yes, you are. There are probably leaves in the gutter again, just take the broom with you and clean it off.” Kevin instructed. A flurry of curses followed and the two of them argued before AJ gave up.

“Don’t you need a jacket?” Nick asked, looking at the window. The drive thru lane looked like a river and Nick imagined customers on boats coming through because it was the type of thing people would do if they were really hungry.

“What the hell are you wearing?” Nick asked. AJ had fashioned himself with a makeshift poncho made out of garbage bags. He had even covered his hat with one and his pants.

“I’m not getting my clothes wet. Fuck that shit. Now watch me go up the damn ladder.” AJ said bluntly. The ladder to the roof was old and made of metal, and was not very sturdy. To climb up to the roof you had to be very thin in order to get through the hole, and it was not for those who were claustrophobic.

“You better not fall on me asshole.” Nick said as he heard the ladder creaking. It shook as AJ climbed before he got to the trap door. When he opened it a waterfall came down, drenching Nick.

“Thanks a lot, Jay!” Nick said, shaking the water off of himself.

“At least you and Kevin can have a wet t shirt contest…” AJ laughed.

“You dickhead, that’s for girls!” Nick snapped as the door closed. Now that AJ was on the roof, Kevin was busily trying to remove the damaged ceiling tiles with a broom handle.

“Kev, that’s not such a good idea!” Brian warned.

“I believe I know more about this than you.” Kevin said angrily.

“OKAY..but I’m not the one poking things with a stick.” Brian retorted. Sure enough, within moments…the ceiling tiles caved in, creating a waterfall in the kitchen.

“DAMN IT!!!” Kevin shouted, falling into the mop bucket and causing more water to spill on himself. The floor was flooded and Kevin was soaked. Nick and Brian laughed, this would be a fun mess to clean up. They grabbed squeegies and pushed the water into the drain under the back sink. AJ came back in to report that it had stopped raining and there was a rainbow. All of them went outside to look.

“You know, there is one good thing about this.” Nick said as they saw the sun come out.

“What’s that?” Kevin asked.

“We didn’t have to have the wet t shirt contest.” Nick replied, and all of them laughed as they walked inside. They closed the store to clean up all of the damage caused by flooding and all of them went home early. Nick was happy the day was over but couldn’t wait to see what would happen tomorrow.


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