Blue Starlight Fanfiction

Chapter 5


Nick clocked in from his break about 11pm. He didn’t normally work to close, but Kevin had asked him….practically begged him to stay. Nick guessed that the manager just didn’t want to close with AJ and Brian alone, the two of them tended to goof off a lot.

“Nick, take care of the dishes please ….we are ok up front.” Kevin said. Nick raised an eyebrow at him, he was being friendly towards him today. AJ on the other hand, was in a pissy mood because Brian thought it was funny to squirt sour cream down the back of his shirt.

“You son of a bitch…I should make you do my goddamn laundry.” AJ hissed as mad the drive thru order. The lobby was closing soon, and they were running on one side with just Brian and AJ making the food while Kevin took orders on headset.

“Language, Alex.” Kevin scolded. Brian grinned smugly at AJ, he loved picking on him.

“My name is AJ, you damn Nazi.” AJ snapped quietly so that Kevin couldn’t hear. Nick went back and started the dishes, rolling his eyes as he turned on his music, letting Nirvana float through the kitchen. He could hear AJ and Brian continue to bicker over little things all night, like how to clean the big grill, or who would deck brush the floor and mop.

“I don’t care who does it, just get it done! I don’t get paid after two!” Kevin shouted once the lights went off at one am. Once they all finished, the guys clocked out.

“No way, dude. I’m using the men’s room.” Brian said, as AJ went in to change out of his uniform.

“Fine….I will wait.” AJ said. He was becoming frustrated with Brian today….annoyed with Kevin and annoyed with the customers. Nick was finishing up while Kevin counted the deposit for the night and the boys were changing. AJ looked at the door to the women’s bathroom. Nobody is using it….and there are no girls here. AJ thought with a grin as he decided to change.

“AJ, did you fall in?” Brian’s voice came about ten minutes later, knocking on the door.

“Bite me, chicken butt.” AJ responded grumpily.

“You keep saying that, but you haven’t answered my question of where and when this biting will happen.” Brian said.

“Fuck you.” AJ said, and he heard Brian’s annoying giggle from on the other side of the door. AJ buckled his pants and moved to open the door, but it wouldn’t unlock.

“Having problems, bud?” Brian asked suddenly. AJ jiggled the handle, but it would not budge.

“Aw hell….dude…” he muttered, kicking the door and stubbing his toe in the process.


“AJ…do you want me to get Kevin?” Brian whispered. AJ sat on the floor, rubbing his sore toe and cursing under his breath so much that it would make a sailor blush.


“WHAT?” he screamed.

“Do…you…want…me…to get….Kevin?” Brian responded slowly as he laughed. That was the last thing AJ wanted, was for Kevin to find him trapped in the women’s bathroom.

“Fucking Christ Brian, no I want to spend the night in a goddamn bathroom.” AJ shouted. Brian blinked at the door but ran to get Kevin anyway.

“Kev….AJ is stuck in the bathroom.” Brian said, poking his head into the office. Nick stood behind Kevin, watching him count the night deposit and Brian wondered briefly why Nick was being shown that.

“He…he what?” Nick asked, raising an eyebrow.

“AJ….he…well…he’s stuck in the women’s room.” Brian giggled finally, holding his sides. Nick laughed at this but Kevin’s expression did not change.

“How the hell did this happen?” Kevin demanded.

“I don’t know…he can’t get out.”

“Nick, go with him and see if you can help him. I can’t leave this money on the desk.” Kevin instructed. Nick followed Brian to the hallway where the bathrooms were located. AJ was pounding on the door.

“Jay?” Nick asked.

“Oh thank god, Nick. Get me outta here….the walls are closing in!!” AJ shouted in panicked tones.

“How long has he been in there?” Nick whispered.

“About twenty minutes, give or take.” Brian replied as AJ wailed dramatically.


“Jay, shut up. Okay, Brian…get the toolbox. I’m sure there is something we can use in there. AJ…can you hear me?” Nick asked as Brian ran off into the kitchen. A strangled whimper came from the other side of the door.

“AJ…see if you can move one of the celing tiles and get through that way…” Nick said. He waited a few moments and all of a sudden there was a series of crashing sounds from inside of the bathroom.

“FUCK! I broke the goddamn toilet seat!” AJ screamed. Nick stifled a laugh, Brian appearing next to him with the toolbox. Nick rummaged inside it, but couldn’t find anything to use.

“Okaaaay….this is not working.” he said finally, throwing his hands up in defeat. They heard sobbing coming from behind the door now. Rolling his eyes, Nick ran back to the office to get Kevin, who had finished counting the money.

“Kev….he is still stuck. I can’t get the door to open, we have tried everything and AJ is freaking out.” he said calmly. Kevin followed him to the bathroom door, not looking too pleased when he saw Brian kicking it.


“Alex, calm down.” Kevin said sternly.

“Can you see me?” AJ asked.

“How the hell can I see you? The door is closed dumbass.” Kevin snapped. AJ simply cackled in delight. Kevin shook his head and with a swift kick, he broke the door open. They saw AJ sprawled on the floor raising his middle finger, and the toilet seat was snapped in half. One of the ceiling tiles was propped against the wall. “What the heck were you doing in here anyway?” Kevin asked, blinking in surprise.

“Nick told me to do it.” AJ said as Brian helped him stand up.

“I did like hell.” Nick mumbled grumpily.

“This is all chicken butt’s fault!”

“AJ stop calling me that!” “This is gonna be a good one to explain to the day manager tomorrow,” Kevin said, shaking his head at them and looking at the mess. He was happy the whole ordeal was over.


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